• July 14, 2021

UserTesting Adds AI/ML to Human Insights Platform

UserTesting has added features to its Human Insight Platform to enhance how users access insights and interpret feedback.

Whether reaching and testing with new audiences through My Panel or applying the latest country targeting filters, UserTesting is making it easier to target, recruit, and fulfill tests. The latest machine learning feature helps users get insights quicker, and conduct high-impact sentiment analysis.

The new My Panel feature allows companies to test with their own audiences and capture feedback. They can launch tests and target ideal participants with custom filters built from attributes unique to each business. UserTesting takes care of test distribution and scheduling live conversations, and handles notifications, and incentive payments.

"My Panel opens the door for us to get a deeper understanding of our current customer experiences and expectations. We were able to recruit our customers into a private panel and let UserTesting handle test notifications, incentive payments, and more for our research studies, enabling our team to focus more of our time on generating insights," said Chris Tait, senior UX designer at AAA, in a statement. "We can now engage with our audiences both from the UserTesting Panel and our existing customer contacts, which allows us to drive more value for the business and immediately multiplies the value of UserTesting for our team."

The new Suggested Sentiment, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, can automatically identify areas where test participants express negative or positive sentiment. Visible green and red indicators help customers understand feedback at a glance and navigate to key insights. This capability is made possible by UserTesting's acquisition of Truthlab last year.

Camera-based testing on mobile devices enables users to go beyond the screen to learn more about their customers in their natural environments and surroundings. This update helps users create unmoderated mobile tests that use the cameras on participants' mobile devices. T

Jira integration gives product teams immediate access to insights and information. Jira users can now add video clips to Jira issues,and view these clips without leaving the Jira interface.

Additional country targeting filters bring the total number of countries supported to 30. The list now includes Argentina, Austria, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

"The most well-respected brands, particularly during difficult times, are those that value the feedback and insights from their customers," said Kaj van de Loo, chief technology officer of UserTesting, in a statement. "As a company, we are trying to make the process of collecting feedback as streamlined as possible for companies of all sizes, which is why we have prioritized the release of such features like My Panel, which makes testing with your own audiences simpler, or Suggested Sentiment, that makes it easier and faster to identify interesting moments, or our Jira Integration, that makes sharing of new insights more efficient."

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