• June 10, 2021

Twilio Segment Unveils Journeys

Twilio Segment has added Journeys to its Segment customer data platform, helping marketers build sophisticated customer journeys and orchestrate personalization at scale through every channel and across their entire customer experience stack.

"Today's customer journey applications are off-the-shelf products built on legacy SaaS platforms that cannot deliver the flexibility, scale, or breadth needed to power world-class customer experiences in the digital era," said Peter Reinhardt, CEO of Twilio Segment, in a statement. "Built on Twilio Segment's Customer Data Platform, Journeys takes a new approach that gives businesses the ability to quickly and easily build highly personalized customer journeys based on the most trustworthy and up-to-date customer data possible."

With Journeys, Segment users can orchestrate customer journeys to deliver meaningful multi-step personalization campaigns on any channel, including email, advertising, in-app, and SMS, at scale, and across more than 300 applications, ncluding communications, advertising, and analytics, with just a few clicks.

"With Journeys, our marketing and advertising teams were able to map out a meaningful, high-impact plan for customers that is truly individualized and tailored for each one of our customers, which majorly improved our ad campaign effectiveness," said Grayson Bagwell, director of business development and ecommerce at Rugs.com, in a statement. "Journeys improved our return on ad spend and allowed us to reinvest part of our budget into other high-growth initiatives. This made a huge impact on the business and helped us grow our revenue 400 percent year over year."

"Journeys makes what we thought was impossible now feel possible, removing the frustration our marketing teams previously felt with personalized outreach. As my team has learned about the product, we've been surprised by how quickly and easily stakeholders have been able to orchestrate advanced customer interactions with complex audiences," said Josh Rab, vice president of go-to-market technology at Intuit, in a statement. "Ease of use and confidence in our customer data is essential for a business like ours, where a rich, personalized experience is a must-have for our end-to-end customer journey."

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