• May 6, 2015

ToutApp Launches Sales Beat

ToutApp, provider of a sales platform that offers advanced email tracking, templates, and analytics, has launched Sales Beat.

Available through the ToutApp platform, Sales Beat lets sales reps collaborate, analyze performance data, and deliver real-time intelligence on the most effective strategies to the entire team. Intelligence provided by Sales Beat includes the best performing email messages and templates across the team, the top reps by email activity, most used team template, and more.

In addition to analyzing rep success, identifying best strategies, and delivering that data to the entire sales team in real time, Sales Beat enables reps, sales managers, and other stakeholders, like marketing and sales operations, to stay in touch with the sales team. They can engage one another through status updates, likes, comments, congratulation notes, and other messages. Since ToutApp integrates with Gmail or Outlook, all Sales Beat functionality occurs directly in the rep's day-to-day workflow.

Additional features include the following:

  • Notification of template shared or unshared among reps;
  • Notification of group of contacts shared or unshared among reps; and
  • Virtual gong to celebrate closed deal, along with information on the deal.

"Sales Beat is the new nerve center for the modern collaborative sales team," said Tawheed Kader, founder and CEO of ToutApp, in a statement. "It delivers real-time insights across the team, right within their existing workflow, so that sales reps can see what templates, strategies, and messaging are working best, and it helps the entire team learn from that collective knowledge. Sales managers also get a better view of what's happening across the sales floor so that they can easily coach reps on their active deals."

"Sales is a quota-driven industry, so there's often a competitiveness within the culture," Kader continued. "As a result, many reps adopt a lone-wolf approach. They try to find their own ways to reach quotas. More often than not, though, this backfires, hurting performance across the team. When individual reps operate in silos, they don't help each other improve. This translates into lost revenue. They need a way to automatically distribute the collective knowledge of the team, and there is no other software out there that does this today."

Sales Beat is ToutApp's second major product launch in the last month. In April, ToutApp also debuted Tout Connect, allowing third-party applications with customer or prospect contact data to embed ToutApp's features and functionality directly into their offerings. Both launches follow a recent $15 million Series B funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

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