• March 19, 2020

Terminus Expands Account-Based Platform

Terminus has updated its account-based marketing (ABM) execution platform with additional engagement opportunities, better data, and more powerful ways of interpreting that data.

"With these new capabilities, we've doubled down on our effort to be the most complete account-based platform on the market," said Bryan Brown, chief product officer at Terminus, in a statement. "As marketers' jobs become more demanding, it's critical that they are able to execute with agility across multiple points of interaction, be it ads, web, or email, all from a single platform. Terminus enables users to easily measure business outcomes well beyond clicks and leads that facilitate better collaboration across teams and deliver higher quality engagements."

Dynamic Web Personalization lets businesses deliver a consistent and relevant experience to all website visitors, regardless of which channel brought them there. Different content appears depending on which segment a visitor is in, allowing every page on your website to dynamically deliver relevant information.

Terminus now offers lead-to-account matching, allowing users to automatically find and associate lead records to the correct account in Salesforce to maintain accuracy, enable custom reports and workflows, and keep sales teams organized. It is powered by the Terminus B2B Account Graph, an embedded account-based data platform for delivering consistent account insights.

In addition to Relationship Scores, Terminus customers will have access to new Account Engagement Scoring. Users can now configure how valuable various digital touchpoints are to better report on what accounts are engaged in the ABM Scorecard.

With a brand new ABM Scorecard experience, users have a dashboard to evaluate their impact on engagement, pipeline, and revenue by segment and over a period of time.

Following last year's acquisition of Sigstr, Terminus has fully integrated the relationship intelligence created by the communication patterns in employee email. These Relationship Scores are a first-party data source that informs teams how their relationships with specific accounts and contacts are improving or degrading over time by providing buying intent signals, sales coaching opportunities, and more accurate pipeline forecasting. Additionally, Sigstr's email marketing capabilities enable users to unify messaging across the web, owned websites, and the inbox. The new capability lets users centrally control the email signatures of their employees while promoting dynamic, personalized content to the most engaged audiences in the inbox.

Additional enhancements include native integration with Google Analytics to view traffic by account to understand bounce rates, page views, and navigation paths by campaign; and enhanced ad campaign reporting with trended advertising metrics and matches to target accounts.

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