• January 27, 2017

TechTarget Updates Priority Engine

Purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services company TechTarget has updated its Priority Engine platform, a SaaS-based data and marketing analytics tool that provides direct, real-time access to ranked accounts and named prospects actively researching enterprise technology purchases in specific markets.>

The new release of Priority Engine features expanded support for international geographies, automated integration with Marketo and other marketing automation platforms, and built-in integration with customer-owned data, such as website visitors and sales territory account lists. Combined, these new features help marketing and sales at enterprise technology companies discover and prioritize in-region, in-market accounts and active prospects.

"We've moved beyond company-level insights; Priority Engine gives you access to ranked accounts and the actual buyers researching purchases at those accounts," said Andrew Briney, senior vice president of products at TechTarget, in a statement. "The unique purchase intent insight available within Priority Engine helps marketers generate demand more efficiently, accelerate [account-based marketing] effectiveness, and deliver a more substantive contribution to sales."

New features in Priority Engine include the following:

  • Faster access to active named buyers at accounts ranked by urgency of purchase behavior. Priority Engine refreshes weekly with hundreds of new, fully validated prospects currently researching purchases.
  • Geo-specific subscription support, with one-click access to accounts and prospects conducting enterprise tech purchase research in each region.
  • Expanded marketing and sales activation capabilities. New features make Priority Engine easier to use for direct marketing, demand gen, nurturing/MQL creation, ABM, field marketing, sales prospecting, channel support, and more.
  • Integration with external data sources and internal systems. The tool coordinates with internal and external data sources to provide active prospects for any external account list or sales territory and direct integration with CRM and marketing automation systems, like Salesforce.com and Marketo.
  • New user interface. Target Profiles let users zero in on exactly the accounts and prospects they want to see and create Profiles based on named buyer behavior, account attributes, or both.

"Priority Engine is unlike anything we've had before. It provides us with a source of new leads to nurture because those leads also come with active intent intelligence," said Kevin Payne, vice president of field marketing at [24]7, a customer engagement software and services company, in a statement. "The intelligence we get goes directly into Salesforce, so sales has access we never had before to additional insights as to what's going on at accounts. It complements everything and creates a more holistic story for our account development reps to drill into what particular prospect pain points are."

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