• November 1, 2017

Talkdesk Launches Talkdesk for Sales

Talkdesk, providers of a contact center cloud platform, today launched Talkdesk for Sales to help companies drive more productive prospect conversations. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Talkdesk for Sales product suite includes SalesAssist, power dialing, voicemail drop, local presence, Salesforce.com Sales Cloud integration, and more.

"At Talkdesk we are continually working to redefine the industry by using the latest technologies, including AI," said Tiago Paiva, CEO and founder of Talkdesk, in a statement. "We know that building products and solutions on top of AI can give our customers a competitive edge when it comes to customer service, and  we are excited to expand and offer a product line for inside sales teams to offer even more cutting-edge products to our customers."

Talkdesk for Sales is a cloud-based solution, meaning that calls can be handled from many locations.

Talkdesk for Sales includes the following features:

  • Power dialing;
  • Voicemail drop, which lets sales reps select pre-recorded voicemail to leave for prospects' inboxes rather than re-recording separate messages for every phone call;
  • Local presence, allowing sales reps to use local numbers to increase the likelihood of an answer;
  • Callbar, a click-to-call app with unified access to CRM and other tools;
  • Salesforce.com integration that unifies voice/omnichannel, desktop telephony, native reporting, and automations;
  • Talkdesk SalesAssist, which uses AI and voice analytics to identify relevant conversations, find the best answer to questions, and present those answer to reps in real time;
  • Call recording; and
  • Voice Analytics, which uses AI to identify successful sales calls to scale learnings across the sales team.

"Talkdesk is redefining enablement for inside sales teams, using AI in an innovative way," said Ken Landoline, a principal analyst at Ovum, in a statement. "Talkdesk for Sales increases the volume of conversations and percentage of conversions by prioritizing who and when to call, identifying conversational coaching opportunities, and serving up answers to prospect questions and objections in real time during a conversation."

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