• September 23, 2021

Syniverse Adds WhatsApp Business API on Syniverse CPaaS Concierge

Syniverse is now allowing companies to use the WhatsApp Business Application Programming Interface (API) within its Syniverse CPaaS Concierge Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

WhatsApp Business API is specifically built for medium-to-large businesses to send messages at scale using automation, personalization, and interactive options.

The Syniverse CPaaS Concierge helps users create and deploy automated workflows across platforms, including the Syniverse Salesforce application to chat with customers via WhatsApp and seamlessly add the conversation record for future reference.

Syniverse's CPaaS Concierge, a cloud-based omnichannel communications, is comprised of mobile messaging; identity and security-related tools; a workflow orchestration engine; a library of programmable connectors and integrations into key enterprise resources planning (ERP), CRM, and SaaS platforms; and a white-glove support model where Syniverse co-creates mobile customer engagement initiatives.

"WhatsApp Business API is changing the way enterprises deliver products and services to their customers. Enterprises are looking for a proper omnichannel solution that can scale, offer first-class support, and have a global reach. Our Syniverse CPaaS Concierge is all that, and, with the addition of WhatsApp Business API, is based on four pillars that combine and translate into an end-to-end solution that addresses the most complex workflows and presents bespoke customer engagement solutions," said Chris Rivera, president of Enterprise at Syniverse, in a statement.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted to companies around the world how important it is to have an interactive digital relationship with their customers. This revelation has accelerated the usage of messaging across the world, and WhatsApp has played an integral role in allowing people and businesses to remain in contact during a difficult time," said Jeff Bak, vice president of enterprise product management at Syniverse, in a statement. "We are collaborating with WhatsApp to help global enterprises use our existing CPaaS Concierge offer and leverage our orchestration solutions. WhatsApp is a critical channel addition in our API framework, enabling our customers to effortlessly add WhatsApp to their applications using their existing code and integration to our platform."

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