• February 24, 2020

Sprinklr’s Winter 2020 Release Delivers 400 New Capabilities

Sprinklr today introduced its Winter '20 Release, which includes more than 400 new capabilities and enhancements across the five products that make up Sprinklr's customer experience management (CXM) platform: Modern Marketing, Modern Advertising, Modern Research, Modern Care, and Modern Engagement. These improvements, released as version 15.2 of the platform, will help users listen to customers, learn from them, and reward them with personalized experiences.

Of the more than 50 enhancement to Sprinklr Modern Marketing are the following:

  • Next-Gen Workflow Timeline View, allowing campaign managers to switch to a Timeline View to see active workflows and track progress against scheduled dates; and
  • Email Approvals for Tasks, allowing compliance and legal teams to approve or reject workflow tasks via email.

The more than 100 enhancements to Sprinklr Modern Advertising, designed to help users increase return on ad spend and reduce advertising production costs, include the following:

  • Audience and Creative Naming Conventions, for managing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Snapchat, Pinterest and LINE ads.
  • Smart Rules for Listening, to capitalize on conversations that happen across the internet to deliver relevant, personalized ads to social media users in real time. Smart Rules uses artificial intelligence to leverage topic queries to trigger ads when shifts in conversation volume or sentiment happen.

The more than 60 enhancements to Modern Research include the following:

  • Share/Edit Mode and New Global & Local Views for Reporting Dashboards, allowing users to set up global dashboard views and corresponding local views. Users can now work on the local view without affecting others' views, helping to avoid redundancies and administer compliance using locked filters. Users can also make the dashboard visible in particular workspaces and give View and Edit permissions to other users.
  • Enhanced Visual Insights, using artificial intelligence to identify unauthorized resellers, fake brand handles, counterfeit products, and unwanted brand associations across social media, review sites, blogs, and forums. With Optical Character Recognition, users can perform text-based searches on images on Twitter in 10 languages--English, French, Romansh, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Occitan, and Turkish. Users can also create automated rules in Sprinklr Visual Insights to help identify inappropriate images and mitigate brand risk. Additionally, Sprinklr's new color identification capability helps users understand which product images are being shared across social media and how people feel about certain colors.

The more than 45 enhancements to Modern Care include the following:

  • Facebook Messenger Support, giving companies up to 24 hours to respond to customers in Facebook Messenger. Sprinklr users will receive a warning that 24 hours have passed since the customer reached out via Facebook Messenger. Sprinklr users will still be able to support Facebook Messenger engagement after 24 hours, up to seven days from the last fan engagement, with the help of a ?Human Agent Tag that informs Facebook that customer service agents are working on inquiries?.
  • Trigger-Based Proactive Chat Prompts, allowing companies to proactively reach out to customers with relevant messages based on activity they have taken on company websites.
  • Skills-based preference routing in Assignment Engine.

Among the more than 80 enhancements to Modern Engagement are the following:

  • AI-powered Smart Approval, to ensure social posts comply with brand guidelines for tone, sentiment, and context.
  • Enhanced Publishing with an expanded quick publisher that allows users to preview posts while in draft. Users can scroll between previews, while account and account group pinning removes the hassle of individually adding accounts and AI-powered hashtag recommendations enhance reach on Instagram. Errors to posts are now surfaced and hyper-linked directly within draft messages.

The Sprinklr Platform also received more than 70 enhancements, including the following:

  • Integrations to ServiceNow, Google Data Studio, and Tableau.
  • Custom Screen Size, allowing users to configure screens by height, width, and pixel.>

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