• February 21, 2017

Shopgate Joins Salesforce Partner Program

Shopgate has joined the Salesforce Partner Program in support of Salesforce.com's Commerce Cloud.

Shopgate is a mobile commerce platform that enables retailers to launch mobile websites and native iOS and Android apps to help improve customer retention, while increasing lifetime customer value, boosting conversion rates, and driving revenue.

Features of the Shopgate system include the following:

  • Single system management through ntegration with existing Commerce Cloud accounts;
  • Advanced push notification capabilities, including user segmentation, to proactively engage users wherever they go;
  • Real-time updates that put marketers and merchandisers in control of the look and feel of their mobile experiences;
  • Access to Shopgate’s widget library for creating custom designs, making real-time content updates, highlighting promotions, etc.; and 
  • Comprehensive SaaS model with no transaction fees.

"We are pleased to partner with Salesforce, giving their merchants the ability to improve customer loyalty and increase conversion rates with our cutting-edge mobile shopping platform. They believe, as we do, that retailers should spend their time focusing on delivering best-in-class mobile experiences, and less on managing technology," said Marc Biel, CEO of Shopgate, in a statement. "While the larger e-commerce industry places a heavy emphasis on new customer acquisition, we focus on customer retention, as it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one."

"Everything and everyone is becoming more connected and smarter than ever before," said Alan Bunce, vice president of product marketing at Salesforce, in a statement. "By joining the Salesforce Partner Program in support of Commerce Cloud, Shopgate is joining the world's largest community of born-in-the-cloud partners who are committed to innovating on the Salesforce platform and driving customer success."

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