• January 25, 2021

ServiceNow Releases Vaccine Administration Management

ServiceNow today launched Vaccine Administration Management, a set of workflow solutions to help organizations get people vaccinated against COVID-19 . North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services and NHS Scotland are among the more than 100 organizations currently working with ServiceNow on their vaccine management efforts.

"Quickly developing effective vaccines was the world's first challenge, and the scientific achievements have been outstanding," said Bill McDermott, president and CEO of ServiceNow, in a statement. "The world must now rise to the second challenge, getting people vaccinated quickly.

"Distributing, administering, and monitoring vaccinations is the greatest workflow challenge of our time," he continued. "ServiceNow is proud to help solve the complex logistics, coordination, and effective delivery to people that is required. We are harnessing the power of our Now Platform to provide government agencies and others worldwide the scale, speed, and flexibility needed. ServiceNow's Vaccine Administration Management solves the last-mile challenges of keeping people healthy and safe."

ServiceNow's Vaccine Administration Management solution allows people to access critical vaccine information, schedule appointments, and receive appointment notifications from vaccine providers. It is built on ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) and delivers a modern, self-service experience across desktop and mobile devices. The solution connects patient communication with vaccine inventory systems so organizations can notify patients when more vaccines are available, schedule appointments, and send reminders.

"To help get our more than 10 million North Carolinians vaccinated quickly and efficiently, the State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is using the ServiceNow platform to power our COVID Vaccine Management System (CVMS) Help Desk Portal," said Thomas Parrish, acting secretary and state chief information officer for the North Carolina Department of Information Technology, in a statement. "Leveraging ServiceNow, we also were able to assist NCDHHS in developing a workflow on the CVMS Help Desk Portal that digitizes the process of requesting and securing state approval to transfer vaccines to different locations. What was previously a manual, time-intensive process can now be completed through the portal with a few clicks, ultimately accelerating the immunization process."

Using ServiceNow as their vaccine management command center, organizations can connect all of their data and make work flow across their siloed legacy systems, including scheduling, prioritization, and communication. ServiceNow's digital workflows connect existing technology infrastructures and provide a dashboard to orchestrate the critical elements of the vaccine management process, including the following:

  • Distributing vaccines:Track vaccine delivery, manage inventory, and monitor stock levels to support population prioritization.
  • Administering vaccines Schedule vaccine administrators and support staff, track personal protective equipment (PPE), monitor no-shows, and capture feedback. People can communicate with their vaccine provider on the channel of their choice.
  • Monitoring vaccine outcomes: Monitor recipient safety, report adverse events, and support safe return to workplace efforts and ongoing public health monitoring.

ServiceNow's vaccine management solutions are a part of the company's broader effort to support customers and organizations as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. ServiceNow's Emergency Response Apps help organizations navigate COVID-19 crisis management. ServiceNow's Safe Workplace suite helps organizations gauge workforce and workplace readiness as they look to safely return employees to the workplace

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