• March 22, 2023

ServiceNow Launches the Utah Release of the NOW Platform

ServiceNow today unveiled a major platform expansion with the Now Platform Utah release.

The latest version of the intelligent, end-to-end platform for digital transformation includes artificial intelligence-powered process mining with robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, additional search enhancements, expanded workforce optimization, and health and safety incident management.

The new AI-powered features include the following:

  • AI Search, now built into ServiceNow Next Experience, uses AI and natural language processing to help service delivery workers find information faster. AI Search also includes advanced features like auto-complete suggestions, exact match, and typo handling.
  • Process Optimization has been expanded to support workflows beyond IT service management (ITSM) to other workflows within the Now Platform, such as field service management (FSM) and more. Improved, AI-powered visibility into hidden inefficiencies allow organizations to apply those recommendations with ServiceNow's RPA solution.
  • Workforce Optimization capabilities have been enhanced and expanded to support workflows beyond ITSM and customer service management, into areas like HR.
  • Document Intelligence allows customers to accelerate and automate AI-enabled text extraction from documents. The Utah release includes a more streamlined user experience. Document Intelligence also can automatically pull massive amounts of data from long tables in documents like invoices and purchase orders.
  • ServiceNow Impact enhancements to performance tools, as well as new Impact accelerators, are available in the Utah release.
  • Health and Safety Incident Management tools to report and resolve safety incidents and assign corrective and preventative actions for those incidents.
  • Security Incident Response Workspace, part of ServiceNow's Next Experience, allows security analysts to examine incidents within a central workspace and leverage Process Automation Designer to manage multiple workflows with no-code playbooks.
  • Operational Resilience Workspace, also part of ServiceNow's Next Experience, provides an enterprise-wide view of critical risk information, such as issues, vulnerabilities, outages, and failed controls. A new product experience is included, and a360-degree view of dependencies and resilience metrics provides contextual understanding of upstream and downstream impacts across the organization.
  • Log Export Service simplifies security and performance monitoring for Now Platform implementations. Building on ServiceNow Vault, which protects business-critical applications, this solution seamlessly incorporates ServiceNow system and application logs into enterprise security analytics tools.
  • Theme Builder allows users to create and manage branded themes via an intuitive interface.
  • Enterprise Architect Workspace allows users to gain control of app redundancy with a consolidated user experience.

"Organizations no longer need to choose between speed and innovation or great experiences and business growth," said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer of ServiceNow, in a statement. "ServiceNow's intelligent platform offers fast time to value, continuous net new innovation, and a simplified and seemingly invisible upgrade experience so customers can do more with less and transform their business models. Our latest release is designed for this moment, empowering organizations to maximize efficiency, accelerate ROI on digital spend, and create simplified, connected experiences across their entire value chains."

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