• March 20, 2024

ServiceNow Launches Washington, D.C., Platform Release 

ServiceNow today launched the Washington, D.C. release of its NOW Platform with new features that enhance the Now Assist generative artificial intelligence experience.

Included in the release are Now Assist in Virtual Agent enhancements and ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators.

Enhancements to Now Assist in Virtual Agent boost ServiceNow's genAI capabilities unveiled last June. Existing functionality combines AI Search and Service Catalog Items with genAI chat skills to speed up issue resolution and increase case deflection from live agents with a conversational, self-service experience. New generative AI-enabled Virtual Agent Designer and integrated dynamic translation help create AI-powered conversations.

Virtual Agent Designer uses generative AI to build custom conversational automation to improve self-service and service delivery. The intelligence in Dynamic translation detects the language of text inputs and automatically responds in the same language.

ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators are part of ServiceNow Impact and allow platform owners to adopt ServiceNow generative AI experiences, map investments to business objectives, and track the value they've gained from generative AI. With a mix of ServiceNow expert support, demos, and training, the accelerators provide additional expertise and guidance around generative AI, task intelligence, predictive intelligence, and natural language understanding.

The Now Platform Washington, D.C. release also includes new tools to optimize crucial interactions.

Sales and Order Management (SOM) helps organizations increase revenue by uniting the sales and order lifecycles across front-, middle-, and back-office teams on the ServiceNow platform. Sales and fulfillment agents can manage opportunities, configure and price quotes, and capture and fulfill orders. SOM empowers customer service agents to complete post-sale commercial changes, helping drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Platform Analytics offers a secure, simple, unified experience for reporting and analytics across the entire Now Platform. Customers can now seamlessly create data visualizations and dashboards that incorporate multiple data inputs into one experience. Platform Analytics also surfaces meaningful, personalized, and timely information directly within Next Experience workspaces and connects to Workflow Studio, so customers can create condition-based workflow triggers based on analytics thresholds..

The new Workflow Studio allows users to create workflow automations; they simply describe the process they'd like to automate and Workflow Studio will visualize and create the workflows. The solution integrates capabilities like Flow Designer, Automation Engine, Process Automation Designer, and Decision Builder into one view, so employees can collaborate and easily create, configure, and monitor automated workflows.

The latest Now Platform release includes new pre-built, cross-functional workflows developed with ServiceNow's Common Services Data Model (CSDM), so companies can harness operational data and drive efficiencies at scale. Through automation, CSDM allows organizations to collect data across hardware or software, cloud or data center, into a trusted, auditable data model that can be used across multiple workflows and follows compliance guidelines.

"As workplace technology advances faster and faster, it’s never been more challenging to be a business leader. That’s why ServiceNow has built an end-to-end platform that seamlessly weaves intelligence into the core fabric of what our customers do every day to streamline processes and drive real impact for their business," said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer of ServiceNow, in a statement. "The Now Platform Washington, D.C. release delivers innovations that meet organizations' growing needs for smarter, streamlined, more connected experiences at scale, all from the intelligent platform for business transformation."

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