• July 22, 2020

Sendoso Adds Features to the Sending Platform

Sendoso today introduced features as part of the latest version of its Sending Platform for account-based marketing, sales, and customer service. They include Send Tracker, eGifts and Sendoso Direct Options, and Address Confirmation.

"In the beginning, ABM was a powerful idea because it provided a framework for connecting with people on a human level in a very impersonal world. However, most companies have failed to master the magic of personalization, making ABM efforts feel spammy and mass-produced," said Kris Rudeegraap, CEO and co-founder of Sendoso, in a statement. "To stand out and build relationships with target accounts, teams must humanize their approach with Physical Impressions across marketing, sales, and CX, evolving ABM into ABX."

Send Tracker lets users time outreach and follow up and provides complete visibility into the status of sends so teams can reach out right when an address is confirmed, a package is delivered, or an eGift is redeemed.

With eGifts and Sendoso Direct Options, teams can leverage 150 new eGift brands, including Wayfair, Airbnb, Deliveroo, and Whole Foods, and take advantage of one of 20 new international and minority-owned Sendoso Direct options. International options support sending in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, and Australia.

Address Confirmation helps ensure sends are landing wherever customers and prospects are currently working. Teams can add Address Confirmation links to their own emails, while setting up triggers to automatically send Address Confirmation requests with Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Oracle Eloqua.

"With human contact limited, deals slowing, and budgets shrinking, revenue teams are under immense pressure to make every dollar and every interaction count," said Dan Frohnen, chief marketing officer at Sendoso, in a statement. "Without a doubt, ABX is the most effective way to go to market and maximize ROI right now. If you are on a team collaborating on an account-based strategy, incorporating a Sending Platform is a table-stakes tactic. Engaging your buyers at the right time with the right bespoke experiences can be achieved at scale with Sendoso."

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