• April 15, 2014

Savo Debuts Sales Process Pro, a Sales Productivity Platform

Savo Group, a provider of sales enablement tools, today launched Sales Process Pro, an end-to-end sales productivity platform to provide all the necessary applications – from training reinforcement and ramping to automated proposal creation and insight-driven data.

Sales Process Pro can provide continuous coaching and real-time insight into actions taken by sales teams. The application helps to standardize key sales behaviors and create consistent high performers with tailored coaching and recommendations specific to the opportunity they’re advancing. Analytics and dashboards provide a view of the pipeline and overall deal quality.

"Looking at the marketing and sales technology landscape, we see systems of engagement are taking hold, but the question remains as to how they will help enable the salesforce to be more productive," said Matt Mullen, senior analyst at 451 Research, in a statement. "There is a great industry need for dedicated sales solutions that are true productivity applications, not just databases to reference for records, and we see this being a key piece to the marketing and sales puzzle in the year ahead."

Specific Sales Process Pro features include:

  • Dynamic sales playbook – Incorporates sales process best practices and CRM solution data to guide reps’ specific sales actions, provide situational coaching, push relevant content, and prescribe messaging. The application also tracks and benchmarks sales interactions against top performers to drive healthy competition and continuous development.
  • Deal quality index (DQI) – The DQI indicates deal success and quality and weighs desired outcomes against adherence to the sales process and verifiable outcomes. The DQI tells reps if they are making the right moves and ensures they receive the right feedback. This score reflects not only how well a rep is performing, but what's actually happening and how the customer is responding.
  • Alerts and team messaging – Alerts pop up when a deal needs attention, giving managers the ability to gently guide reps in the right direction. Messaging capabilities, akin to Facebook Chat, allow team members and managers to collaborate from anywhere at any time and share deal-related news with the team.
  • Relationship mapping – This portion of the app provides automated capabilities for mapping account and opportunity contacts and relationships.
  • Social intelligence – An aggregator compiles all the mentions and insights shared via social channels. Through this feature, reps can also share information and updates from their own social profiles without leaving the application.

"For companies to be successful, every part of the organization must be ‘Sales First’ and center on the enablement of their sales teams," said Mark O’Connell, president and CEO of Savo, in a statement. "Sales Process Pro helps organizations achieve an environment of efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement by fostering a culture of sales productivity that allows companies to better realize their revenue goals."

"Each year, companies spend billions on sales methodologies and training, yet results fall significantly short of the investment," said Kurt Andersen, executive vice president of sales enablement and marketing at Savo, in a statement. "Research has proven that sales performance hinges on reinforcement, so we created Sales Process Pro to provide the technology that delivers individual guidance for reps to help realize an overall improvement in the quality of deals won, as well as the speed at which they close."

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