• June 8, 2023

Salesforce Unveils Marketing GPT, Commerce GPT, and Google Cloud Partnership

Salesforce at its Connections event yesterday introduced Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, its latest generative artificial intelligence product offerings. The company also expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to help businesses use data and AI to deliver more personalized customer experiences, better understand customer behavior, and run more effective campaigns at a lower cost across marketing, sales, service, and commerce.

With Marketing GPT, marketers will be able to automatically generate personalized emails, smarter audience segments, and marketing journeys. And with Commerce GPT, companies will be able to deliver personalized shopping experiences and customized offers using GPT-powered dynamic buying journeys.

Marketing GPT combines generative AI and trusted first-party data from Data Cloud. It includes the following:

  • Segment Creation to improve targeting using natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations.
  • Email Content Creation, which can auto-generate personalized emails for improved testing and engagement.
  • Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud, which automatically connects first-party data, revenue data, and third-party paid media data for a more comprehensive view of audience engagement.
  • Rapid Identity Resolution, Segmentation, and Engagement, which automatically resolves customer identities and refreshes segments in Data Cloud to help ensure up-to-date accuracy.
  • Typeface's generative AI content platform to create contextual visual assets for multichannel campaigns within Marketing GPT based on specific brand voice, style guides, and messaging.

Commerce GPT will enable companies to deliver customized commerce experiences at every step of the buyer's journey with auto-generated insights and recommendations based on unified real-time data from Data Cloud. It includes the following:

  • Goals-Based Commerce, which empowers businesses to set targets and goals and then provides actionable insights and proactive recommendations powered by Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and Flow.
  • Dynamic Product Descriptions that automatically fill in missing catalog data and generate product descriptions tailored to every buyer.
  • Commerce Concierge, to power personalized conversations and help shoppers discover products through natural language interactions across channels, from digital storefronts to messaging apps.

"Businesses are looking to harness new AI advances and tap into vast troves of data to deliver personalized customer experiences across every interaction. Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, fueled by trusted and harmonized first-party data, will revolutionize how businesses interact with customers and at the same time dramatically improve employee productivity," said David Schmaier, president and chief product officer of Salesforce, in a statement.

Salesforce's expanded partnership with Google Cloud will help companies use data and AI to deliver more personalized customer experiences, better understand customer behavior, and run more effective campaigns at a lower cost across marketing, sales, service, and commerce.

Two new data and AI innovations will bring real-time data sharing with enhanced predictive and generative AI capabilities to better predict customer needs and reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of synchronizing data across platforms.

The new integration between Salesforce Data Cloud and Google's BigQuery will help companies create unified profiles of their customers. Salesforce and Google Cloud will provide customers with seamless data access across platforms and across clouds.

New integrations between Salesforce Data Cloud and Google Cloud's Vertex AI will enable companies to bring their own models from Vertex and use them across the Salesforce Platform.

"AI and data are revolutionizing the way businesses operate and innovate, and together Salesforce and Google are empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their trusted data, put AI insights into action, and personalize customer experiences like never before. This partnership paves the way for unprecedented innovation and business value for our customers," Schmaier said.

"Google Cloud and Salesforce share a commitment to helping businesses accelerate their data-driven transformations. This new partnership brings together one of the world's largest data clouds from Salesforce with analytics and AI capabilities from Google Cloud, and represents a significant leap forward in businesses' ability to generate more value and insights from their customer data," said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, in a statement.

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