• April 25, 2024

Salesforce Releases Einstein Copilot with New Actions for Sellers

Salesforce today announced the general availability of Einstein Copilot, its conversational artificial intelligence assistant, with new capabilities to enhance seller productivity and scale adoption of generative AI.

A key component of this is Copilot Actions, pre-programmed capabilities that enable Einstein Copilot to answer questions using business data and string together workflows. Salesforce is increasing its library of actions with new capabilities where sellers can benefit from conversational AI directly in Sales Cloud. Instead of navigating to an AI tool disconnected from their CRM, sales reps can open Einstein Copilot and ask for a personalized close plan, insights on why an opportunity might not close in the month, or check if pricing was discussed on a recent call.

Einstein Copilot includes a reasoning engine that can interpret user requests and dynamically automate tasks from a library of actions, ensuring every new action expands the breadth of use cases it can support without the need to train or fine-tune a large language model (LLM).

Einstein Copilot now includes the following features:

  • Close Plans, to accelerate time to close, sales reps and managers can have Einstein Copilot create a grounded, personalized close plan for an opportunity with step-by-step tactics based on historical opportunity and account data as well as recommended dates of action.
  • Forecast Guidance, to help managers understand and de-risk forecasts, ask questions such as "Which deals are at risk?" and receive a summarized list of deals that could explain why a team member might not hit quota.
  • Call Explorer, using retrieval augmented generation (RAG), which enables companies to use their structured and unstructured data to make AI more trusted and relevant, sales reps can query prior call transcripts captured in Einstein Conversation Insights, asking questions such as "What was the customer sentiment on this call?" and receiving a semantically relevant answer scoped to that call.
  • Follow-Up Emails based on prior calls.
  • Einstein Copilot in Sales Cloud Everywhere, allowing users to Einstein Copilot everywhere they work, research prospects, get up-to-speed on deals, and draft outreach from any webpage with Sales Cloud Everywhere.
  • Copilot Analytics, that enables admins to visualize usage of Einstein Copilot through a pre-configured analytics dashboard, enabling them to understand and accelerate Einstein Copilot adoption by dissecting key metrics, such as actions used, average interactions per user, and success rates.
  • Recommended Actions in the flow of work, surfacing single-click standard actions specific to a page, such as "summarize opportunity" on the opportunity page or "draft an email" on the contact page.
  • Einstein Copilot on the Salesforce Mobile App, with voice-to-text functionality for mobile users to talk with their data and workflows.

Einstein Copilot can use metadata to interpret user prompts with complete context, working with the large language model to choose the relevant fields and create a personalized email.

All interactions with Einstein Copilot are securely mediated by the Einstein Trust Layer, which employs security and privacy measures like data masking, a zero-retention architecture, toxicity detection, and an audit trail .

"As we continue the rapid pace of innovation, this is an exciting step forward in conversational AI for enterprises," said Adam Evans, senior vice president of product for Salesforce AI Platform, in a statement. "With this release, every organization can now deploy a trusted AI assistant grounded in their unique business data and metadata that can assist users with a multitude of actions, automating complex processes and improving productivity."

Salesforce today also launched new Finance Actions that include AI-powered Transaction Dispute Management, which helps bank service agents streamline the entire dispute management cycle, from the time a dispute is submitted until its resolution while enabling more transparent and consistent communications with customers, card networks, merchants, and issuer banks.

Also, Einstein Copilot Banking Actions provide a conversational AI assistant that enables bank service agents to ask questions and receive trusted, relevant responses grounded in metadata and automate tasks directly in the flow of work.

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