• February 15, 2024

Salesforce Introduces Slack AI

Salesforce has introduced Slack AI, a generative artificial intelligence experience available natively in its Slack collaboration platform. With it, users can tap into the collective knowledge shared in Slack through guided experiences for AI-powered search, channel recaps, thread summaries, and soon, a digests feature.

"For the past decade, Slack has revolutionized the way we work, bringing people, apps, and systems together in one place," said Denise Dresser, CEO of Slack, in a statement. "With Slack AI, we're excited to take this transformation to the next level. These new AI capabilities empower our customers to access the collective knowledge within Slack so they can work smarter, move faster, and spend their time on things that spark real innovation and growth. In the era of generative AI, Slack is the trusted, conversational platform that connects every part of a business to supercharge team productivity."

With Slack AI, users can access the following:

  • AI-powered search that delivers personalized, intelligent responses to any question. Users can ask questions conversationally and get concise answers based on relevant Slack messages.
  • Channel recaps that generate key highlights from accessible channels. Users can catch up on unread messages, summarize the last seven days, or set custom date ranges to summarize.
  • Thread summaries that catch users up on long conversations. Users can get the gist of long conversations in one click, and clear sources are included in each summary.

With Slack AI, sales reps can do the following:

  • Identify and bring in the right subject matter experts when customers have specific questions or concerns during deal cycles.
  • Summarize account channels and get the context they need to prepare for customer meetings.
  • Generate key takeaways from long discussions.

Slack AI's large language models are hosted directly within Slack, ensuring customer data remains in house . Customer data remains siloed and will not be used to serve other clients, directly or indirectly. Slack AI does not use customer data for LLM training purposes.

More features are on the horizon. Slack is building a native AI integration with Einstein Copilot, Salesforce's conversational AI assistant, that will provide answers to questions directly in Slack that are grounded in trusted customer data.

In addition to these native AI capabilities, partners are bringing additional AI functionality into their Slack apps. For example, upgraded AI-powered apps from Slack's partner ecosystem allow users to ask PagerDuty Copilot for help resolving incidents, automatically summarize Notion documents in link previews, and more. And coming soon, a brand new AI integration with Perplexity will allow users to subscribe to AI-powered insights and pipe them into Slack.

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