• June 12, 2023

Salesforce Announces AI Cloud

Salesforce today at an event that it called AI Day introduced AI Cloud to help its customers supercharge their customer experiences and company productivity with generative artificial intelligence.

AI Cloud is a suite of capabilities optimized for trusted, open, and real-time generative experiences across all applications and workflows. It includes the new Einstein GPT Trust Layer, which resolves concerns of risks associated with adopting generative AI by enabling customers to meet their enterprise data security and compliance demands while offering customers the benefits ofgenerative AI. It will help prevent large-language models (LLMs) from retaining sensitive customer data.

At the heart of AI Cloud is Einstein, Salesforce's AI engine, which now powers more than 1 trillion predictions per week across Salesforce's applications.

AI Cloud will enable sales reps to auto-generate personalized emails tailored to their customer’s needs, and service teams to auto-generate personalized agent chat replies and case summaries.

Marketers can auto-generate personalized content to engage customers and prospects across email, mobile, web, and advertising. Commerce teams can auto-generate insights and recommendations to deliver customized commerce experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey. And developers can auto-generate code, predict potential bugs in code, and suggest fixes.

"AI is reshaping our world and transforming business in ways we never imagined, and every company needs to become AI-first," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce. "AI Cloud, built on the #1 CRM, is the fastest and easiest way for our customers to unleash the incredible power of AI, with trust at the center driven by our new Einstein GPT Trust Layer. AI Cloud will unlock incredible innovation, productivity, and efficiency for every company."

AI Cloud will integrate Salesforce technologies, including Einstein, Data Cloud, Tableau, Flow, and MuleSoft. And, as part of Salesforce's commitment to an open ecosystem, AI Cloud can host LLMs from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Anthropic, Cohere, and others entirely within Salesforce's infrastructure.

In addition, Salesforce and OpenAI have partnered to deliver joint content moderation using OpenAI's Enterprise API and safety tools with the Einstein GPT Trust Layer.

Customers who have trained their own domain-specific models outside of Salesforce will benefit from AI Cloud while storing data on their own infrastructures. These models, whether running through Amazon SageMaker or Google's Vertex AI, will connect directly to AI Cloud through the Einstein GPT Trust Layer.

Beyond the AI Cloud, Salesforce is bringing trusted generative AI to every product, with Sales GPT, Service GPT, Marketing GPT, Commerce GPT, Slack GPT, Tableau GPT, Flow GPT, and Apex GPT.

"Generative AI is changing everything," Benioff said. "It is the fastest-growing consumer product of all time."

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