• April 19, 2023

Salesforce Adds Einstein GPT and Real-Time Data Cloud Capabilities to Flow 

Salesforce has added Einstein GPT and real Data Cloud capabilities to Flow, its portfolio of automation tools.

By powering Flow with Data Cloud, which unifies all company data in real time in a single customer profile, users can now automate complex workflows and trigger actions based on real-time changes.

By combining Einstein GPT, Salesforce's generative artificial intelligence, with Flow, users can create and modify automations using a conversational interface. Business users can describe the kind of flow and formula they want to build and see it built for them in near real time. Users can also describe the function they need to locate and have Einstein GPT insert the correct flow automatically.

With Data Cloud for Flow, marketers can use automation powered by real-time telemetry data to offer in-store discounts at the right moment. Commerce professionals can use real-time data to power dynamic pricing in e-commerce based on real-time demand and supply and update inventory levels and availability information. Financial service companies can use real-time data to automate fraud detection and prevention by flagging suspicious transactions based on unusual patterns, such as large withdrawals or transfers to foreign countries.

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