• April 4, 2024

Salesforce Adds AI-Powered Automation and Integration Capabilities to MuleSoft

Salesforce today introduced several artificial intelligence-powered enhancements to its MuleSoft automation, integration, and API management solutions. The new capabilities will empower teams to extract and organize document data, create automation and integration flows with natural language prompts, and securely integrate AI into applications for customer experiences.

The product introductions announced today include the following:

  • MuleSoft's Intelligent Document Processing enables teams to extract and structure data from documents to integrate with downstream systems and simplify processes like budget reconciliation, order fulfillment, or supplier onboarding. It uses advanced AI to extract and structure data from diverse formats, such as PDFs and images. This data can then be integrated into any Salesforce Cloud, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, or MuleSoft RPA. IDP also includes pre-configured templates for purchase orders and invoices, and users can also incorporate human-in-the-loop reviews of AI-generated output.
  • Einstein for Intelligent Document Processing, to use natural language prompts to extract data from unstructured sources, format responses into JSON outputs, classify and summarize documents, and trigger subsequent tasks.
  • Einstein for Flow, to create workflows using natural language prompts.
  • Anypoint Code Builder Configuration Panel for designing, developing, and deploying APIs, integrations, and automations from a single environment. In addition, with access to accelerators and templates in Anypoint Exchange and support for external Version Control Systems (VCS), developers can jumpstart projects and streamline collaboration across teams.
  • Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder enables teams to generate integration flows using natural language prompts and introduces new use cases for connectors like SAP and NetSuite.
  • MuleSoft Accelerators for Industries, with use cases for retail, financial services, and healthcare.
  • Observability with Anypoint Monitoring enables developers to monitor API workloads that embed AI into their application ecosystems.

"Developers are on the front lines of implementing AI. But to unlock this exciting technology's full power at scale, organizations need to activate their business users to participate in this implementation. With Einstein powering Mulesoft automation, integration, and API-management products, every team across an organization can use AI to build and drive seamless customer experiences," said Vijay Pandiarajan, a vice president of product management at Salesforce.

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