• August 17, 2017

SalesHood Expands Sales Enablement Platform

SalesHood, providers of a sales enablement platform,released its Prescriptive, Just-In-Time Content Management System, along with five new product enhancements to the SalesHood platform, including Content Library, Sales Process Coach, Smart Search, Automated Tagging, and Content Analytics.

"Curating and consuming sales content is not optimized. Salespeople spend too much time looking for content while marketing wonders what's working," said Elay Cohen, CEO of SalesHood, in a statement. "By automating this painful process and prescribing teams with just-in-time content, SalesHood acts like a virtual sales coach to salespeople, helping them close more deals, faster. Marketing can now also measure content effectiveness and deliver value to salespeople at every step of the sales process."

Customers using SalesHood Content Management will benefit from the following:

  • Content Library, to publish fully branded and customized content for sales teams in folders and subfolders. Teams can access files, documents, win stories, sales tools, and pitch videos just-in-time from their mobile devices and the web.
  • Sales Process Coach, to access prescriptive, just-in-time content in the context of deals. Content is tagged by sales stage, industry, product, segment, and custom attributes. The application is also available in Salesforce.com.
  • Smart Search using natural language processing.
  • Automated Tagging of files, documents, folders, and, videos to prescribe proven best practices and just-in-time content.
  • Content Analytics, to measure the effectiveness of content with visibility to views, downloads, likes, ratings, and feedback. Content is also mapped to deals to track the ROI of content.

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