• April 16, 2019

RollWorks Announces ABM App on Salesforce AppExchange

RollWorks, a division of AdRoll Group, has launched the RollWorks ABM App on Salesforce.com's AppExchange to allow marketers to connect and use their Salesforce data in their account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. The integration allows the bi-directional flow of data from Salesforce to the RollWorks Account-Based Platform.

The RollWorks ABM App helps marketers leverage prospect and customer data in Salesforce to run targeted digital marketing campaigns. It additionally improves collaboration through a common ABM campaign reporting view in Salesforce.

Specific features of the RollWorks ABM App include the following:

  • Audience management: Sync account and contact data from Salesforce to RollWorks to define target audiences.
  • Ideal customer profile insights: Leverage sales funnel data to surface the shared attributes of the ideal customer to inform or validate account-based marketing strategies.
  • Personalized ad creation: Dynamically populate ads with Salesforce data, such as company name or job function.
  • CRM targeted ads: Serve highly relevant ads with consistent messaging across sales and marketing synced to Salesforce stages.
  • Reporting in the source of truth: Report campaign performance at the account and contact level directly in Salesforce.

"Tighter integration between RollWorks and Salesforce makes it easier than ever for B2B marketers to adopt account-based marketing strategies that drive revenue for their businesses," said Robin Bordoli, president of RollWorks, in a statement. "By harnessing the power of both platforms and connecting our customers' Salesforce data to RollWorks' intent-based data set bolstered by our recent acquisition of Growlabs, marketing and sales teams can align their account-based strategies. This alignment can help ambitious B2B organizations accelerate the identification and engagement of their buyers and better measure the business impact of their account-based strategies."

"We are happy to welcome the RollWorks ABM App onto the AppExchange," said Mike Wolff, senior vice president of independent software vendor sales at Salesforce.com, in a statement. "This app gives B2B customers an exciting new way to leverage Salesforce data and capabilities to deliver highly targeted account-based advertising. This unification of marketing and sales technology is another example of how the growth of the Salesforce ecosystem is helping drive customer success."

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