• May 6, 2015

Roambi Adds Blink In-Memory Analytics and Data Discovery to Roambi Analytics

Roambi, a mobile-first analytics and data visualization company, yesterday launched Blink, a free feature for Roambi Analytics. Powered by a patent-pending, in-memory analytics engine, Blink is a new visualization that lets iOS mobile device users transform and analyze data locally on their iPhones or iPads, with no configuration or network connectivity.

Roambi Analytics users can now open and visualize CSV datasets from email, Box, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and more. Users can filter, pivot, explore, and share their visualizations with any other Roambi user. The update combines a new visualization designed for freestyle data exploration with an in-memory analytics engine capable of on-device aggregations and calculations with zero latency.

"As iOS adoption continues to increase in the business world, the need for innovative products that empower the mobile workforce has exploded," said Quinton Alsbury, Roambi co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "In 2009, Roambi set the standard for how companies deliver critical data to their mobile users, and now we're taking the next leap forward by bringing 'freestyle analytics' to every mobile business user."

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