• March 6, 2019

RichRelevance Launches Personalization Cloud Winter '19

RichRelevance, a provider of personalization technologies, has released the Winter '19 version of Personalization Cloud, enhanced with deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to help marketers engage every customer as an individual with inspiring content, offers, and promotions in real time and at scale.

"The industry-first functionality that we unveiled today is resolving the biggest challenge our customers face: delivering a truly personal experience that engages and inspires the shopper," said Carl Theobald, president and CEO of RichRelevance, in a statement. "Vague, rules-based segmentation results in irrelevant shopping experiences that drive shoppers away. To succeed, digital marketers need to enable the programmatic execution of experiences that happen in real time, ensuring that the signature moments of the brand are memorable for all the right reasons."

The enhancements to the RichRelevance Personalization Cloud include new NLP for Recommend, which can extract textual insights to help promote new and long-tail products immediately and learn from in-session signals to increase relevance in real time; and improvements to Xen AI, which can auto-discover meaningful customer segments and affinities to identify under-performing and hidden segments and detect opportunities for increased revenue.

The enhancements uniquely make use of behavioral data with product graphs generated using advanced NLP and deep learning neural nets to create truly hyper-personalized profiles. These technologies help the solution do the following:

  • Recognize each customer as an individual;
  • Understand the reasons behind consumer choices in real time; and
  • Inspire customers with personally tailored products and content.

The Xen AI deep learning engine that underpins this latest release provides insight based on massive, previously unlinked data points. The NLP technology uses a deep learning neural net to identify and extract insights from unstructured text, product descriptions, user reviews, partner data, user-generated content, shopper activity, and behavioral data, to create a picture of the purchase intent and interests of any customer

In addition, the updated RichRelevance Xen AI platform can now auto-discover meaningful customer behavioral trends and patterns, surfacing new customer audiences for campaigns and helping marketers understand what customers are buying, and why.

RichRelevance today also introduced Experience Designer, which builds on the Experience Browser, which debuted last summer. The Experience Browser gives transparency and insight into how AI is impacting business and why specific decisions are being made by the engine. Experience Designer enables marketers to introduce dynamic experiences into the customer journey by leveraging Xen AI to take all creative variants and test and optimize what gets shown to whom, at scale.

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