• January 15, 2019

RichRelevance Introduces Hyper-Personalization for Digital Marketing

RichRelevance today unveiled Hyper-Personalization with Deep Learning to help businesses bridge marketing and commerce clouds to engage every customer as an individual in real time.

"Delivering memorable experiences is the only way forward for brands and retailers to create competitive differentiation," said Carl Theobald, president and CEO of RichRelevance, in a statement. "Yet many companies struggle in this regard due to the fragmentation of roles and responsibilities across marketing and commerce. Digital leaders need to rethink personalization in light of emerging AI technologies which will in turn reframe organizational boundaries and better foster collaboration."

Hyper-Personalization offers the following three unique characteristics:

  • Individual, not just segments: A behavioral profile is created and updated in response to digital signals from every touchpoint, giving a 360-degree view of the customer and allowing companies to address each customer as a segment of one.
  • Real-time context: The ability to detect context and recognize significant moments that combine probabilistic customer data with company-unique and customer provided zero-party data to build individual profiles to rationalize touchpoint-specific data and respond.
  • Deep Learning AI-driven decisioning to eliminate rules, discover patterns, and centralize the experience decisioning across overlapping contexts, algorithmically picking the winning experience on a per-session basis in real time for each individual.

"Digital marketers have been hobbled by trying to deliver personalized journeys based upon segments and rules," said Michael Ni, chief marketing officer at RichRelevance, in a statement. "Digital marketers need to enable the programmatic execution of experiences that happen in real time, ensuring that the signature moments of the brand are not impacted negatively. This is Hyper-Personalization. RichRelevance's personalization cloud continues to bridge the gap between the marketing and commerce clouds to turn every digital exchange into a warm, memorable one that reflects each customer, their exact context, and their journey right at the point of interaction."

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