• December 14, 2021

Recapped Introduces DeepSync Integration with Salesforce and Hubspot

Recapped, providers of a collaborative workspace for revenue teams and their customers, today launched Recapped DeepSync to streamline CRM processes.

With Recapped DeepSync, both sellers and buyers can now update their Salesforce and HubSpot fields directly from their client-facing workspaces in Recapped.

The new integration allows bi-directional sync with every opportunity and account field. Users can update BANT or MEDDICC qualifications, collaborate with pre-sales on evaluations, and share handoff notes with customer success teams. Users can update their Salesforce and Hubspot fields directly in Recapped and even allow buyers to update fields on their behalf. Users can also see exactly where every single deal is, who's involved, who needs to be brought in, and what needs to happen to bring it across the finish line.

"When we created Recapped, we envisioned a platform that allowed prospects and stakeholders to collaborate with you and your team to help get deals across the finish line. We believe that collaboration is a super power that can change the way work happens and create amazing win-win opportunities for both sides," said Mark Fershteyn, co-founder and CEO of Recapped, in a statement. "By creating a mutual action plan together with your buyer, you're able to create alignment, transparency, and most important, build trust. Imagine being able to consolidate your entire deal into a single workspace that contains everything your buyer needs. That's why we're so excited to announce the official release of Recapped DeepSync. For the first time ever, users can update their Salesforce and HubSpot fields directly from their client-facing workspace in Recapped. We're finally bringing our vision for collaboration full circle; now even your buyer can update your Salesforce fields on your behalf."

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