• January 29, 2015

Radish Systems Releases ChoiceView Web App

Radish Systems, a mobile enterprise software and professional services company that provides the patented ChoiceView multichannel 'voice with visuals' platform, has launched the ChoiceView Web App for visually interacting with organizations via an Internet browser.

Like the ChoiceView Mobile App, which allows simultaneous voice and visuals exchange, the ChoiceView Web App provides a new communications channel for users to interact with businesses, but it does so via a standard Web browser with no app download. Since it relies on a browser only, the ChoiceView Web App greatly expands the customer reach to include first-time callers from any phone, users with Mac and Windows computers, as well as users with any smartphone or tablet. Callers can see and hear business information and complete transactions both via automated self-service systems and with live representatives in contact centers or throughout the organization.

The ChoiceView Web App works with any phone—landlines, VoIP, wireless, and WebRTC. It supports both voice and chat modes of operation. The ChoiceView Web App can be used with mobile phones and tablets as well as laptop and desktop computers. Like all ChoiceView products, it's inherently compatible with the existing business infrastructure, including contact centers, IVRs, and other communications systems from many vendors. The ChoiceView Web App operates through a browser on its own, and its design allows it to be incorporated into existing mobile apps and Web sites.

The ChoiceView Web App uses the patented ChoiceView switch architecture for joining data sessions to phone calls.

The ChoiceView Web App is especially suited for ChoiceView True Visual IVRs that allow users to receive visual menus and responses. ChoiceView True Visual IVRs support both voice-centric and Web-centric operations. If users need more assistance, they can seamlessly transfer to a live representative while continuing 'voice with visuals' sharing.

"The ChoiceView Web App is unique in that it's browser-compatible and delivers pages with both an information frame for virtually any type of content as well as controls for interacting with service representatives and IVRs. It offers capabilities well beyond Web browsing," said Richard Davis, Radish's chief technical officer, in a statement. "Incoming calls, for example, can be easily deflected to a company's Web site, with no change to existing Web pages and with menu and live help buttons included. In addition, IVRs and service representatives can send .pdf, .xls, and .doc files plus a variety of other information directly into the user's browser. Once callers experience a ChoiceView call, either with a service representative or IVR, there's no going back to voice-only calls."

Radish in December released ChoiceView for iOS8, allowing it to operate on iPhone 6 models. It first launched the ChoiceView Visual IVR API in August 2012.

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