• September 17, 2014

QuickPivot Partners with Datawatch

QuickPivot, provider of a real-time, cross-channel marketing platform powering lifecycle marketing for B2B and B2C clients, has selected Datawatch, a provider of visual data discovery solutions, to power the advanced reporting capabilities in a new hosted campaign management platform.

QuickPivot offers a comprehensive, cross-channel marketing platform and marketing services that span lead generation and nurturing to closed sale, upsell and cross-sell. Datawatch enhances this capability by powering the Report Manager component in QuickPivot's newly launched platform and provides the backbone of QuickPivot's custom data visualization services.

With the Datawatch visual data discovery platform embedded, QuickPivot users can interact with data visualizations that can help them understand in detail how their marketing efforts are working, where, and why or why not. These initial Datawatch-powered visualizations will include the following:

  • Geographic heat maps;
  • Channel performance measures;
  • Channel activity timelines; and
  • Custom visualizations to solve unique business needs.

With Datawatch visual data discovery, QuickPivot users can go hands-on with information collected from their overall marketing efforts, including email, SMS, direct mail, Twitter Ad Pages, Web forms/pages, etc.  Beyond out-of-the-box visualizations, the QuickPivot services team will use Datawatch to design and deliver visualizations, uncover patterns, spot important trends and outliers, and then drill into that information to understand the details and make adjustments in real time.

"Effective marketing today requires the ability to listen, connect, learn and adapt at the speed of the customer, and to do that, you need a holistic view of what is working and what isn't," said Mike Shanker, CEO of QuickPivot, in a statement. "We chose Datawatch's visual data discovery solution over the competition because of its strong support of real-time data. The advanced capabilities offered by Datawatch will give our users the insight they need while making it simple for us to offer even more visual data discovery capabilities as needs evolve."

Datawatch enables users to see more than aggregated information about the visualized data. With Datawatch, users can visually drill down into the data to understand the details behind the trends, patterns, and outliers, including streaming and real-time information.

"The real power of data lies in the ability to quickly and smartly act upon it," said Michael Morrison, president and CEO of Datawatch, in a statement. "By delivering Datawatch's advanced visual data analysis capabilities on a hosted platform, QuickPivot will give users the agility and understanding they need to make the most of their marketing efforts."

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