• October 4, 2022

Qualtrics Launces Real-Time Agent Assist and Automated Call Summaries

Qualtrics today launched Automated Call Summaries and Real-Time Agent Assist to automate post-call work and help contact center agents respond with empathy and speed, using Qualtrics' natural language understanding and machine learning capabilities to identify sentiment, reasons for calls, common issue resolutions, compliance risks, and more.

"For many companies, addressing feedback after a customer has had a poor experience is not enough to salvage the relationship. Organizations need to guide and orchestrate experiences in real time, and that starts on the front line," said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics' president of products and engineering, in a statement. "These new contact center solutions save agents time and arm them with the information and coaching they need to deliver more efficient and empathetic customer service."

Qualtrics' Real-Time Agent Assist coaches contact center agents during customer calls using artificial intelligence to analyze the conversation and develop real-time recommendations. Qualtrics' natural language understanding and machine learning capabilities, powered by XM Discover, listen to contact center conversations and automatically identify sentiment and the reasons for calls. Qualtrics brings that data together with customers' past interactions, as well as insights from millions of other interactions customers have had across all channels, to diagnose the callers' individual needs and desires and make recommendations specific to each business.

Based on the analysis, Real-Time Agent Assist prompts the agent with brand-specific suggestions, personalized experiences and offers, relevant knowledge base articles, and related answers, helping agents focus on listening to customers and reducing the time it takes to resolve each customer's issues.

Real-Time Agent Assist can also recognize when it's appropriate to deliver in-call reminders to the agent, such as when they might be going off-script or out of compliance, when they should show more empathy for the customer, or when to offer a discount to an unhappy customer.

Automated Call Summaries deliver instant automated call recaps that include all relevant details discussed, including why the customer called, how the call went, whether the issue was resolved, how much effort was needed to reach that resolution, and which steps still need to be taken. Following calls, agents can review the automated summaries and add additional context as needed.

Automated Call Summaries integrate with CRM systems to give a single source of truth for all customer records and a comprehensive history of the customer experience. This record can be referenced if a compliance issue arises and reduce the need for repeat callers to spend time explaining their service needs multiple times.

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