• February 16, 2022

Qualtrics Launches XM Discover

Qualtrics today released XM Discover as part of the Qualtrics XM Platform to help companies tune into conversations and better understand what customers and employees want and expect.

The Qualtrics XM Platform lets companies ask people how they feel about their experiences, analyze the data with artificial intelligence-driven analytics, and take action on their direct feedback, whether through surveys or other sources. Now with Discover, which includes technology from Qualtrics' 2021 acquisition of Clarabridge, companies can bring in feedback from structured and unstructured sources, including support conversations, chat, social media posts, and review sites, onto a single platform.

"Listening, understanding, and taking action is the foundation of meaningful relationships. As the world has changed, organizations need to understand their customers and employees on a more personal level by having a 360-degree view of their feedback," said Fabrice Martin, head of product for Qualtrics Discover, in a statement. "With Discover, Qualtrics is defining the next generation of experience management, where organizations can empathize more deeply with their customers and employees to design incredible products, services, and even new ways of working."

Discover includes the following five products:

  1. Discover for CustomerXM, which surfaces insights and patterns hidden within millions of voice and text conversations to help companies understand why customers are reaching out and how they feel about their experiences.
  2. Discover for EmployeeXM, which identifies trending topics and shifts in employee sentiment expressed in public or internal company forums, such as an employee intranet or other digital workplace tools.
  3. Discover for BrandXM, which keeps a constant pulse on consumer sentiment in social and other channels.
  4. Discover for ProductXM, which analyzes customer feedback from sources such as online reviews and support conversations to identify product gaps, surface competitive intelligence and anticipate what customers want to see next.
  5. Discover for DesignXM, an always-on market research program.

Discover extends Qualtrics' AI capabilities, analyzing conversations in 23 languages and consisting of more than 150 out-of-the-box models tuned into the nuanced terminologies and discussions that happen across industries. Based on customer and employee interactions, organizations can capture emotion and emotional intensity, intent, effort, and empathy.

Discover also enriches Experience ID, a unified view of the individual preferences people are sharing with an organization. Experience ID captures and learns from every experience customers have with a company. Qualtrics' iQ analytics suite automatically analyzes the data and proactively surfaces trends, breakdowns, or opportunities for improvement in customer journeys. Organizations can feed these rich signals into their business, product and employee strategies and take action with xFlow, a low code/no-code workflow engine.

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