• March 1, 2022

Phrasee Announces Real-Time Language Personalization and Insights 

Phrasee, a provider of brand language optimization, today introduced artificial intelligence technology that helps companies personalize the language each customer receives in real time.

Phrasee's language personalization will automatically create language with a sentiment that matches each customer's preferences, based on their unique profiles. With it, companies can create fully automated, set-and-forget campaigns that generate, optimize and personalize the language that each customer receives; watch in real-time as the optimization finds the best-fit messaging, and ensure that each message is delivered true to the company's tone of voice.

"Creating personalized experiences for each customer has long been the goal of brand marketers, but until now, it has not been possible to automate. Every customer will react differently to the language used in marketing messages, so it is critical that brands respond to these needs and create messaging that resonates across all customer interactions," said Matt Simmonds, chief product and technology officer of Phrasee, in a statment. "Phrasee has solved this problem by combining its proprietary dynamic optimization technology with a unique language profile for each customer, built on first-party data."

Phrasee is also announcing the Language Insights suite that enables marketers to gain a deep understanding of what language resonates with customers. Advanced data visualizations will reveal customer preferences on sentiment, diversity, and tone, including how individual words impact performance.

"Customer engagement is essential for us at Walgreens as we continue to strive to be the leading partner in reimagining local healthcare and wellbeing for all," said Brian Tyrrell, senior director of customer marketing platforms and CRM at Walgreens, in a statement. "By leveraging Phrasee, we are able to strike the right chord with the language we use in our email campaigns, based on feedback from our quarterly reports. We have seen this result in a 30 percent boost in engagement. Using Phrasee's new automated insights feature in future campaigns will provide us with even more immediate feedback on language tone and sentiments that are resonating with customers, enabling us to maintain an authentic and consistent brand voice across all of our digital channels."

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