• March 18, 2019

People.ai Launches Revenue Intelligence System Powered by AI

People.ai today introduced its Revenue Intelligence System powered by artificial intelligence.

The People.ai Revenue Intelligence System is designed to automate the capture of all contact and customer activity data, dynamically update CRM systems, and provide actionable intelligence across salesforce automation, collaboration, business intelligence, and other management tools for sales, marketing, customer success, and services teams.

To date, it has learned from more than $1 trillion in pipeline deals, 350 million sales activities, 26 million contacts, and 15 million buying group participants.

"We've spent three years building the most advanced system that understands relationships between people and companies through business contact and activity data capture and injects that information into systems of record, such as CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, and customer success platforms, making them smarter," said Oleg Rogynskyy, founder and CEO of People.ai, in a statement. "Our Revenue Intelligence System not only automates antiquated and slow data capture processes but uses the power of AI, with innovations protected by many patents, to deliver real-time insights, next-best actions, and predictive intelligence to reps, managers, and even the C-Suite of large enterprises."

The People.ai Revenue Intelligence System does the following:

  • Ingests data from multiple sources and then leverages AI to analyze and automatically attribute every contact and interaction with the right contact account and opportunity;
  • dynamically identifies and updates key contacts, decision makers, and champions across all accounts and opportunities;
  • Analyzes contact and activity data using natural language processing (NLP) to parse email signatures and pull critical information, like product or competitor mentions;
  • performs time-series behavioral analytics on rep behavior and automatically generates a predictive sales playbook;
  • Identifies buying groups and coalitions to enable guided selling and a renewal motion;
  • engages visible or potential champions in the account and delivers actionable intelligence across all core business systems, such as Salesforce.com, Tableau, Domo, Thoughtspot, Slack, and many others;
  • Captures and connects all customer activities and contacts from the first marketing touch through sales qualification, opportunity stages, deal close, and all the way through product delivery and renewal to enable a 360-degree view of the customer.

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