• April 27, 2016

Optimove Introduces Customer Journey Marketing Plans

Optimove, provider of a customer marketing cloud, has launched the Customer Journey Marketing Plan to help businesses visualize, manage, and optimize customer conversions.

Optimove's Customer Journey Marketing Plan is designed specifically to support infinite customer journeys through an interactive interface that more closely resembles a terrain-based map than linear, funnel-based maps that have traditionally represented most customer journeys. The company says this new interpretation of the customer journey provides more accurate customer coverage with greater flexibility and adaptability by accounting for where each customer is on a current journey rather than where he falls on a particular funnel or linear path. Optimove's Customer Journey Marketing Plan enables companies to evaluate and execute all of their marketing actions across all journeys, with all the information required to plan, execute, and oversee winning personalized marketing campaigns.

"Companies are usually exuberant when they believe they nailed their customer journey maps," said Pini Yakuel, founder and CEO of Optimove, in a statement. "But in reality each customer forges his own unique journey, and in order to stay relevant companies need to reach out to every customer with the right message at the right touchpoint along that personal journey. The new Optimove Customer Journey Marketing Plan now gives marketers this essential ability."

Optimove is built to empower marketers to deliver granular and emotionally intelligent customer marketing campaigns to targeted micro-segments of customers. The Customer Journey Marketing Plan enables marketers to interact with all customer segments through automated and real-time multichannel communications, regardless of where customers are in their journey towards conversion, retention, and loyalty.

The additional features of the Customer Journey Marketing Plan include the following:

  • Journey Mapping enables marketers to visualize infinite customer journeys and to understand customer flow across all touchpoints. Feedback on campaign results and other metrics across these journeys, as well as information about customer coverage and KPIs, enable marketers to continuously hone their customer marketing.
  • A& Summary Area provides a 360-degree view of how well the marketing plan is doing each week. It delivers up-to-date information on increase and personalization, a review of all or filtered campaigns according to any chosen KPI, test vs. control group performance, number of targeted customers, and personalization score.
  • The Filtering Tool filters the entire calendar to show only specified target groups and campaigns. This feature allows users to focus on and understand the results of specific channels, customer segments, and campaign types.
  • The Campaign Sidebar delivers a detailed description of each campaign, including the increase value and snippet from campaign analysis, excluded customers, execution details, and template preview. Campaign notes offer commenting and collaboration.
  • A new level of Status Flow Indication will be exhibited in the marketing plan for each campaign, to distinguish between scheduled, processing, running, and completed tasks, allowing marketers to handle failures and problems as they occur.

The new Customer Journey Marketing Plan upgrade is a main feature of Optimove version 4.5.

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