• September 16, 2020

Optimizely Enhances FullStack Platform at Opticon20

Optimizely today at its virtual Opticon20 user conference introduced a new version of its FullStack experimentation platform, Stats Engine Service and Data Platform enhancements, and new integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft, and Amazon.

"Businesses cannot survive in today's environment by guessing," said Claire Vo, chief product officer at Optimizely. "Teams are prioritizing progressive delivery and experimentation practices to navigate today's unpredictable market and remain agile for future opportunities and challenges. Today's announcements illustrate the high demand for these critical tools and Optimizely's leadership in enabling smart, data-informed product development for the modern digital team."

The new version of FullStack includes an enhanced interface that allows users to create and manage feature flags and set up experiments on those flags. It also features Optimizely's new Decide API, which replaces nine other APIs to unify implementation for experiments and feature flags, and a new Flag Monitoring capability that brings Optimizely's data platform and analytics to its progressive delivery feature set. Flag Monitoring provides developers a direct line of sight into how the code they deploy behaves as well as audience analytics detailing how users engage with flags. Flag data will be available for export and to integrate with other platforms, such as Snowflake or DataDog.

Optimizely's expanded portfolio of data and analytics offerings includes the following:

  • The new Stats Engine Service, which ;allows customers to use Optimizely's model for A/B testing statistical analysis via an API. They can also measure the impact of experiments on complex metrics like lifetime value and retention. In addition, customers can plot Stats Engine analysis charts in business intelligence tools like Tableau or Chartio.
  • The Enriched Events Export to help teams integrate Optimizely Results data into their analysis workflows and data stacks. It is enriched with useful information like session IDs and which experiments and variations were active when events fired.
  • New data tools that help avoid data silos within businesses.
  • A new Snowflake integration that automatically loads Enriched Events Export data into a Snowflake instance.
  • A new Fivetran integration that automatically loads Enriched Events and other Optimizely data into a destination of choice.
  • A new collection of integrations and tutorials for working with Optimizely data and APIs, called Labs, which includes recipes for integrating Optimizely SDKs for specific programming language frameworks, reference code for sending data between Optimizely and different data providers, and Jupyter notebooks to enable more complex experiment analyses.

In addition, the company announced new partnerships and integrations with Amazon Personalize, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, and Salesforce.

The Salesforce integration lets companies integrate customer support in their customer experience strategy with a new Operations Experimentation (OpX) application for Salesforce. OpX enables support teams to test call scripts and process approaches and identify with data which scripts and workflow changes allow agents to help customers faster and better.

The integration with Amazon Personalize ets users combine Amazon Web Services' machine learning with Optimizely's experimentation platform to help teams test, iterate, and roll out machine learning models for better customer engagement.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables experimentation and personalization in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce retail and content management platforms.

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