• April 11, 2014

OpenText Launches Experience Suite for Omnichannel Messaging

OpenText yesterday released its Experience Suite, enabling organizations to design, develop, and deploy rich omnichannel experiences that drive customer interactions anytime, anywhere, on any device, with any content.

An integrated suite of products delivered through a common platform, Experience Suite manages media, Web, social, and interactive content.

The Experience Suite is a platform to create, curate, and manage media, Web, documents, social, and any other digital assets that need to be presented to an audience. The suite integrates with OpenText ECM and supports a wide variety of content types with the flexibility to aggregate, personalize, and individually deliver information to a specific audience member.

"The Experience Suite is unique in its ability to accommodate a wide variety of development styles, including packaged applications, application assembly and configuration with pre-built components, model-driven development with process and case modelers, and code-level development APIs, tools, and resources," said Muhi Majzoub, senior vice president of engineering at OpenText, in a statement. "The elegance of the architecture supports the flexibility of an adaptive content management strategy while publishing the content to a network of device types and formats using responsive design. With Experience Suite, we are enabling companies to amplify their online strategy, manage their global brand, embrace social business and even produce effective customer communications through an integrated platform."

The Experience Suite platform includes the following:

  • Web Experience Management (WEM): Dynamic Web content management system that drives exceptional and personalized online experiences.
  • Portal: Improve engagement with employees, partners, and customers through highly interactive, personalized, and contextual online experiences.
  • Media Management: Digital asset management solution that provides control of rich media assets across multichannel platforms.
  • Tempo Social: A business environment to socially-charge current business processes.
  • Customer Communication Management: Automated, rules-based customer communication experience that enables organizations to create, produce, and distribute personalized communication across all channels, including print, email, and SMS.
  • AppWorks Gateway: Provides a common RESTful API across the full set of OpenText EIM products and the capability to build managed EIM applications that work on any device.
  • eCommerce Framework: Sample eCommerce components and templates enrich the omnicommerce model for rich media and personalized online experiences.

The Experience Suite Platform has a new set of REST APIs that facilitate a connected ecosystem and social outreach.

The new release of Experience Suite incorporates integrations with e-commerce vendors such as SAP's hybris,  localization tools such as Translations.com; Demandbase, a B2B targeting and personalization platform; and unique user generated content via This Moment to personalize the customer's experience and extend their customer lifecycle from marketing into the support and sales relationship channels.

"Combining OpenText's ability to create and curate content with our B2B targeting and personalization platform allows corporations to deliver targeted experiences across the entire buying cycle starting with the first visit, which happens way before the hand-raise," said Amit Varshneya, vice president of consulting at Demandbase, in a statement. "The Demandbase integration provides users a centralized location to create a simplified strategy for sophisticated B2B segmentation and targeting capabilities."

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