• November 16, 2015

Nixxis Releases Contact Suite 2.2

Nixxis, a Belgian contact center software publisher, has released Nixxis Contact Suite version 2.2, which adds new features, improves effectiveness, and offers ever greater flexibility.

"We work closely with all our clients, and it is important for Nixxis to be aware of their issues and requirements," said Luc Jacobs, Nixxis' CEO, in a statement. "Certainly, our goal is to meet our customers' needs. But at the same time, as innovators, we foresee possible future difficulties, and that is why we continue to develop our functions by responding to the industry's rapid pace and highly increasing clients' requirements."

NCS v2.2 is designed to help enterprise contact centers, business process outsourcers (BPO), and companies operating both outbound and inbound campaigns to automatically manage customer interactions. In version 2.2, Nixxis has refined its tools and added features that will make contact center management easier and provide better control over operations.

NCS v2.2 introduces optimized functions in Administrator and Supervisor modes and presents a number of improvements in Salesforce CRM and General Settings. The Rights and Security Management system was born from the need to protect sensitive campaign data. This function will give administrative control to restrict user access over specific NCS objects. A Quota Management tool will help companies adjust to specific customer needs by controlling the quotas of calls dialed. And a Supervisor Configurable Dashboard can be set to display in the supervision tool and has been enhanced with a collection of widgets (pie chart, bar graphs, history bars, etc.) allowing supervisors to design their own dashboards.

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