• July 11, 2022

Nextech AR Updates ARway

Nextech AR Solutions, a metaverse company and provider of augmented reality (AR) experience technologies and services, has updated its augmented reality spatial mapping platform, ARway, (previously called ARitize Maps).

"Spatial computing is beyond virtual reality and even augmented reality, and I believe is the next big thing. It's the logical next step in the ongoing convergence of the physical and digital worlds. It does everything virtual reality and augmented reality can do and much more. Pretty soon we will be living inside a computer simulation with digitized 3D objects that connect via the cloud," said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of Nextech, in a statement. "The magic happens when you can combine all of this with high-fidelity spatial mapping to enable a computer platform, which in our case is ARway. We can even track and control the movements and interactions of objects as people navigate through the spatial. We are getting very close to when spatial computing with the help of AI will bring human-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions to new levels of efficiency, disrupting many industries and creating the next trillion dollar opportunity."

Updates to the platform include the following:

  • an upgraded mobile app for both IOS and Android devices;
  • no-code capabilities; and
  • Creator Portal (web studio) that is connected to the mobile apps, including third-party and white label apps powered by the ARwayKit SDK.

With ARway, creators can map, author, and publish various metaverse experiences, ranging from AR wayfinding to exclusive branded activations.

With the ARway mobile app, anyone can spatially map a location within minutes using a smartphone and populate it with interactive 3D content, augmented reality wayfinding, audio, text, images, and more. Nextech AR provides several pre-loaded 3D objects that creators can leverage to populate their metaverse. The platform has a Visual Position System, which Nextech refers to as Mapping and Localization. Occlusion, depth sensing, and segmentation are also available. Users can share their metaverse with others, creating a new level of immersive interactivity for social, branding, advertising, gaming and more metaverse experiences.

The web-based Creator Portal provides advanced authoring capabilities, including the ability for creators to upload their own OBJ/GLB files and create their own 3D objects. The web studio allows the user to place and author content remotely and at scale.

Features in the ARway Creator Portal include the following:

  • AR Wayfinding: no-code indoor spatial navigation with MetaMaps. Ceators can now author augmented reality indoor navigation without beacons, wifi, or external hardware.
  • Multiple creators: Creators can now collaborate in the authoring of metaverse experiences from across the globe in real-time.
  • The option to save map edits and control which changes to the maps will be released publicly.
  • Analytics, so creators can gauge success against set objectives by analyzing consumption data, with deep insights into customer behavior and comprehensive location-based analytics.

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