• January 24, 2020

NICE Releases RPA 7.2

NICE has released Robotic Process Automation (RPA) version 7.2, with new capabilities that fast-track attended automation discovery, development, and human-to-robot collaborations. It also empowers smarter identification of the best processes to automate, provides business context on each, and helps benchmark the best option.

NICE Automation Finder now presents business analysts with all the ways in which employees perform a process, mapping it to the higher process hierarchy. This empowers business analysts to identify the process that delivers maximum ROI when automated and set it as the standard for future use. Organizations can also ensure process adherence and compliance as well as improve efficiency.

NICE also added functionality within its Automation Studio component, including a new interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and dedicated tools, such as a smart callout builder. The human-to-bot capability enables seamless collaboration and data transfer between NEVA, unattended bots, and the human workforce.

"As companies work to address their emerging digital needs, NICE RPA makes it easier for organizations to leverage the innovation of attended automation. RPA and attended automation enable businesses to benefit from more engaged employees, improved customer experiences, and increased productivity," said Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Group, in a statement.

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