• September 14, 2021

Mindtickle Expands Sales Readiness Platform

Mindtickle, a provider of sales readiness technology, today introduced two new products and additional capabilities that transform how revenue organizations prepare their teams and enhance individual seller performance.

With Mindtickle's Fall 2021 release, revenue leaders, front-line managers, and sales enablement teams now have a centralized platform to identify winning behaviors, train and coach customer-facing reps based on those behaviors, and measure their real-world interactions with customers.

"With the Fall 2021 release we are delivering on our vision of sales readiness by giving revenue leaders, sales enablement, and training teams the ability to create long-lasting behavioral change and a continuous state of excellence within the organizations," said Krishna Depura, Mindtickle's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "Selling has two key parties: the buyer and the seller. For years, sales leaders have made ideal customer profiles a core part of their strategy and go-to-market approach to help organize and focus efforts on the right buyers. Now we've given them the ability to set ideal rep profiles for their sellers and help trainers as well as front-line managers to replicate winning behaviors throughout the organization."

The Fall 2021 release from Mindtickle includes the Readiness Index, a sales performance product, where sales leadership teams can collaborate and set ideal rep profiles, which Mindtickle uses to calculate reps' readiness scores based on their learning behaviors, quiz scores, and roleplay performances. It then correlates these insights with business metrics directly from Salesforce CRM data.

Also included in the release is the new Asset Hub that gives reps a single view into all training content and marketing collateral.

With the Fall 2021 release from Mindtickle, revenue leaders and enablement teams can do the following:

  • Set ideal rep profiles and winning behaviors that all reps should have;
  • Record their IRPs in the Mindtickle platform and track gaps in reps and teams;
  • Correlate skill development with business outcomes, like quota achievement, win rates, sales cycle, and more, from Salesforce CRM data;
  • Launch programs based on best-practice templates and engage sales reps with new gamification features like Live Challenges during instructor-led sessions and Team Challenges during sales meetings and kickoffs;
  • Ensure that salespeople can access, learn from, and share content; and
  • Use role-based dashboards to make quick decisions and act on readiness gaps.

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