• January 8, 2019

MicroStrategy Releases MicroStrategy 2019 Analytics and Mobility Platform

MicroStrategy has launched MicroStrategy 2019, an enterprise analytics platform.

"We're proud to unveil MicroStrategy 2019, the first enterprise analytics and mobility platform that provides intelligence that organizations need for every moment of the day," said Michael Saylor, founder, chairman, president, and CEO of MicroStrategy, in a statement. "Intelligence is about time, and when seconds matter, there's simply no room for information that is one click away, let alone the time to find the right sets of data through self-service analytics. With HyperIntelligence, information becomes self-evident. Information about customers, products, and employees naturally surfaces with zero clicks, at a glance on a screen, by voice or even through the lens of a camera."

MicroStrategy 2019 introduces HyperIntelligence, allowing companies to inject information directly into users' web-based workflows using a HyperCard feature that presents information about customers, products, people, and more. Business users can hover over highlighted keywords to surface HyperCards on websites and in web applications like email, Salesforce.com, or Microsoft Office 365.

MicroStrategy 2019 enables organizations to  combine and surface information from more than 200 enterprise data sources. For example, organizations can deploy a customer HyperCard to their sales representatives. Whenever salespeople see any of their customer names in their email, spreadsheets, CRM, LinkedIn, Google search, or other websites, MicroStrategy instantly highlights the customer name. The sales representative can simply hover over the highlighted word to bring up a card to surface relevant information and next best action.

MicroStrategy 2019 also lets organizations supercharge other applications, such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik, by connecting them to the MicroStrategy 2019 platform for a single version of the truth. Pre-configured connectors to these point data discovery tools allow users to visualize and interact with datasets.

At the core of MicroStrategy 2019 is its enterprise semantic graph, a proprietary foundation that enriches metadata content with real-time location intelligence and both content and system usage telemetry.

MicroStrategy 2019 runs natively on AWS and Microsoft Azure. With the new MicroStrategy Cloud console, companies can launch enterprise analytics and mobility projects in less than 30 minutes.

In addition, MicroStrategy 2019 introduces lots of other features, including the following:

  • MicroStrategy Library, which delivers a personalized portal for analytics on web and mobile, with smart recommendations, bookmarking, interactive collaboration capabilities, real-time tagging and notifications, and a chat interface.
  • A Dossier feature that allows analysts to build interactive books of analytics.
  • Natural Language Querying (NLQ) that lets analysts build visualizations to find insights just by typing Google-like questions into MicroStrategy.
  • REST APIs that allow developers to build custom apps, data connectors, white-label applications, widgets, visualizations, and more. Developers can also leverage MicroStrategy APIs to integrate with Amazon Alexa and other voice-controlled applications.
  • Integrations for R and Python.
  • MicroStrategy Workstation, which delivers a modern interface to perform administrative and routine management tasks.

"We believe MicroStrategy 2019 introduces our biggest breakthrough in analytics in over a decade," said Tim Lang, senior executive vice president and chief technology officer at MicroStrategy, in a statement. "For the first time, business users don't have to look for answers; answers come to them. In addition to our revolutionary HyperIntelligence offering, MicroStrategy 2019 incorporates more than 5,000 customer requests and new capabilities, making it the richest, highest-quality release we've ever shipped to market."

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