• February 23, 2021

Metazoa Optimizes Snapshot Salesforce Org Management Tool for E-Commerce 

Metazoa, developers of a software toolset for Salesforce org management, has optimized Metazoa Snapshot for e-commerce.

"Because of the pandemic, e-commerce businesses of all sizes have experienced a major boom," said Metazoa CEO Jennifer Mercer in a statement. "As e-commerce businesses scale and grow, their Salesforce orgs can become extremely complex. Without proper management tools in place, things like technical debt can cause havoc. We are seeing this a lot within e-commerce businesses, so that's why we optimized Metazoa Snapshot for them specifically."

Metazoa Snapshot is designed specifically for Salesforce org management. Created in 2006, Metazoa Snapshot was the first org management solution designed specifically for Salesforce, and was one of the first apps offered on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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