• January 21, 2015

Medallia Releases Resolve to Help Companies Pinpoint Pain Points

Medallia has released Medallia Resolve, an advanced customer experience capability that helps companies find the root causes of recurring customer pain points so they can be addressed at the source of the problem.

Medallia Resolve offers an interlocking two-level approach that helps frontline employees resolve individual issues and understand the underlying causes. It also helps companies aggregate, distribute, and analyze customer insights to identify the most pressing recurring problems.

"For years, we've been helping companies close the loop with customers," said Ken Fine, Medallia's chief customer officer, in a statement. "Medallia Resolve adds a new level of support. In addition to empowering frontline employees with improved tools to understand customer issues, it helps companies uncover root causes, so they can efficiently address the most critical problems right at their source."

Medallia Resolve's new features include the following:

  • Best-practice-tailored case management tools that help companies engage in a productive dialogue with customers when things go wrong by alerting the employee who is closest to the problem to close the loop with the customer, helping them better understand the issue, and letting them record findings for systemic learning and analysis.
  • Enhanced internal collaboration tools that aggregate historical data from all touchpoints to give employees the context they need to solve customer problems and pull in teammates for help.
  • An upgraded reporting dashboard that opens the outer loop by identifying root causes of recurring customer pain points, including broken processes, common misunderstandings, and training gaps.
  • A real-time mobile app that alerts employees about customer issues on the go and lets them respond directly, even if they're away from their desks.

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