• October 13, 2015

Medallia Releases Ask Now Solution

Medallia, a provider of customer experience management software, has released Medallia Ask Now, a capability that enables Medallia clients to add targeted questions to existing surveys, capture feedback on in-market tests, and measure the impact on customer satisfaction and business results. Road tested by more than 30 global brands over the past three months, the self-service SaaS tool helps businesses measure results from small enhancements to ground-breaking innovations.

"Leading brands recognize that to stay ahead of the pack requires ongoing experiments to discover new and better ways to serve the customer," said Ken Fine, chief customer officer at Medallia, in a statement. "These leaders have created a culture of innovation, fueled by a deep understanding of customers and the discipline of A/B testing. Medalia Ask Now makes it easy for large enterprises to test and innovate at scale across the organization."

With Medallia's CEM solution, business leaders have a real-time comparative view between their test group and control group results. This allows them to substantiate tests, share results and bring innovations to market faster and at a lower cost.

"Medallia has made it easy to quickly understand the impact of customer experience enhancements in our salons. Simple changes to the way we deliver our services can have a surprisingly large impact on customer satisfaction," said Meredith Jurek, vice president of guest experience and loyalty at Regis Salons, in a statement. "Without Medallia, we wouldn't have been able to track the impact of these changes and may have missed out on areas where we need to apply more focus to ensure a consistent customer experience."

Medallia Ask Now also helps businesses resolve problem areas by augmenting ongoing surveys to gather insights on customer pain points with just-in-time surveys.

"With Medallia Ask Now, companies can dig into problem areas to better understand the drivers of customer dissatisfaction and then rapidly test new ideas and drive innovation," Fine added. "Given that Medallia Ask Now reduces much of the friction involved with testing new ideas, people are more encouraged to take risks and try new ways to improve the customer experience."

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