• February 15, 2017

Maximizer Now Integrates with Gmail

Maximizer Services has partnered with Trujay Group, a team of SaaS integration and systems experts, to extend the Maximizer CRM ecosystem with an integration for Google's Gmail.

Gmail has more than 1 billion monthly active users around the world. "While the range of communications tools is expanding rapidly, email is still the biggest online communication channel," said Maximizer Head of Product and Development Jan Carter in a statement. "Maximizer CRM is known for its tight integration with Outlook, and now with Maximizer Connect for use with Gmail, users can track customer and prospect interaction without switching between their CRM and preferred email platforms."

Maximizer Connect for Gmail allows users to automatically synchronize contacts, store and track email by contact and thread, and save email attachments. Available for Maximizer CRM Live and Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager Live, Maximizer Connect for Gmail supports free Gmail accounts and Gmail accounts associated with Google Apps for Work/Unlimited accounts.

"We see companies struggling to connect the multiple cloud applications they use. That's not only a drain on productivity, it also prevents organizations from maximizing the value they get from data stored in disparate systems," said Darren Trumeter, founder and managing partner of Trujay, in a statement. "We're very excited to partner with Maximizer to eliminate the barriers surrounding information access and use."

Maximizer's open platform migration was accelerated with the release of Maximizer CRM 2017, featuring an expanded API infrastructure, enhanced automations and business processes configuration, among other innovations.

"The expanded API architecture behind Maximizer CRM 2017 opened the door for Trujay's global team of integration experts to help our customers seamlessly integrate the productivity tools they use day-to-day, with the automated tracking and management capabilities of Maximizer CRM," added Maximizer President Vivek Thomas in a statement. "Throughout 2017, we'll add integrations that expand our System of Engagement ecosystem, and complement our connectivity with Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Zapier, MailChimp and other platforms."

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