• September 22, 2015

Looker Launches Looker Blocks Analytics Platform

Looker has launched Looker Blocks, a set of reusable and customizable blocks for building apps that are components of business logic, such as churn prediction or lifetime value metrics. Looker Blocks can be used to analyze the sales funnel, monitor customer health, conduct sophisticated Web analytics, or optimize online storefronts.

With Looker Blocks, Looker has turned its data modeling layer into a full data platform that can consolidate all analytics functions across an entire organization.

"In today's competitive market, every business in every industry should be leveraging data to make informed decisions, but available tools offer either limited views of the data or require data experts to answer even simple questions," said Frank Bien, Looker's CEO, in a statement. "Now with Looker Blocks, Looker's Data Platform is clearly the solution to company-wide analytics, offering a way for analysts to centralize their business logic while also offering access and exploration to everyone."

Today, two categories of Looker Blocks are offered: Analytics and Source.

Analytics Blocks can be used to answer business questions by plugging in specific field names into each of the following analytical design patterns:

  • Affinity: Answer questions around user basket purchases and any question that begins with "who also…?"
  • Life-Time: Understand lifetime value, lifetime spend, and lifetime engagement of customers.
  • Cohorting: Compare users, grouped by attributes such as creation time, performance on ramp, average engagement, churn time, and many more.
  • Funnel: View any type of funnel pipeline, including Web site navigation, customer purchases, inbound demand generation, workflow partitioning, loan processing, etc.
  • Session: Analyze time or event-based activities at the individual user level, such as typical click-streams of a user, conversion rates of users who viewed a certain ad, or landing page bounce rates.

Customers can use Source Blocks to describe and join together data from Salesforce, Segment, Snowplow, Zendesk, and Marketo

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