• January 21, 2015

LiveHive Adds Sales Acceleration Capabilities

LiveHive, providers of the Sales Engagement Platform, today released new functionality that helps sales professionals to understand customer engagement, while seamlessly integrating with everyday sales applications and delivering deep and comprehensive sales insights.

"No other sales engagement solution can compare with the insight delivered by LiveHive's deep and comprehensive sales engagement analytics," said Ramon Nuñez, CEO of LiveHive, in a statement. "Today, we also become first to market with enhanced product functionality specifically designed to streamline the sales process and increase sales reps' productivity. By enabling sales to engage in new and innovative ways with prospects, LiveHive is helping to solve some of the biggest challenges in a transformed sales world."

LiveHive's latest release includes the following:

  • Instant document replacement after being sent as an email attachment: Sales professionals can edit or replace documents already sent as attachments. If proposals were sent with incorrect pricing or product information, users can edit and replace the documents without having to resend the attachments to the recipients again.
  • One-click termination of access to a document: If a salesperson wants to terminate access to documents previously sent as attachments, LiveHive makes it possible with a simple click. Even if the sales documents have already been downloaded, users can still terminate access to the documents and prevent future access.
  • Document hyperlinks and email link tracking: LiveHive allow hyperlinks of any Microsoft Office and pdf document, so prospects can now click on hyperlinks in tracked sales documents. LiveHive also gives sales the ability to support email link tracking.
  • Salesforce.com email template access from inbox: Through a Salesforce.com integration, users can pull and access email templates to reach out to prospects from within Gmail or Outlook.

LiveHive last updated its platform in October when it added deeper customer engagement analytics and seamless mobile experiences, all synchronized within existing CRM systems. It first launched the platform in December 2013.

LiveHive today also announced a partnership with Act-On Software, a provider of marketing automation for small and midsized businesses, to bring its comprehensive sales document engagement analytics to the Act-On platform.

This integrated solution allows Act-On customers to pull in prospect engagement activities from digital content into their overall lead scoring and qualification programs. The integration provides an additional level of insight into prospects' interests and behaviors that can be used for more tailored sales follow up.

"In today's selling environment, customers don't engage with salespeople until very late in the buying journey, presenting a huge challenge for businesses," Nunez said in a statement. "By combining LiveHive's sales engagement insights with Act-On marketing automation, sales and marketing teams now have a more complete customer engagement profile, and can quickly and accurately identify buying signals to better qualify top prospects."

"Partnering with LiveHive gives our users greater insight into their content performance," said Gal Josefsberg, vice president of product management at Act-On Software, in a statement. "Being able to view a prospect's engagement with digital assets and leveraging individual document analytics can help sales and marketing be more effective in their lead nurturing efforts."

Act-On customers can now leverage LiveHive's rich content analytics right from the Act-On dashboard for document views, page-by-page metrics (even after download), and profile information for recipients of forwarded documents. With instant access to profile data for recipients of forwarded documents, Act-On users can identify all stakeholders involved in the buying process.

LiveHive's sales engagement platform is available immediately through the Act-On Partner Exchange (APEX).

Act-On Software in October partnered with Ifbyphone to merge marketing automation with call tracking.

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