• November 5, 2014

Lithium Releases APIs for Community Development

Lithium Technologies has released the Community REST API v2 and Community Bulk Data API to help simplify community development on the Lithium platform.

The Community REST API v2 includes Lithium Query Language (LiQL), an open-sourced query language inspired by SQL. The Community API v2 with LiQL allows brands to enable personalization, greater content discoverability, and related content customizations. It gives developers increased flexibility and control to customize and extend Community into a brand's already established business and marketing initiatives. With LiQL, developers can choose exactly the data they need and how it is delivered. LiQL also highlights Lithium's commitment to using and making open-source contributions.

The Community Bulk Data API allows for greater reporting flexibility and expands the analytics capabilities of Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI). It lets brands build custom reports using Lithium community data with their own business intelligence tools. The new Data API automates bulk data extraction from LSI to a brand's data store, enabling brands to mine Lithium data at a granular level or join Lithium data with their own to derive new business insights.

"Lithium's platform is already considered one of the most customizable in the industry, and our new APIs bring us closer to providing a much broader set of customization and integration options to our customers," said Katy Keim, chief marketing officer at Lithium, in a statement. "We also understand the needs of our developers and partners, and enable a vibrant third party ecosystem for creativity and innovation. Our developers are helping us achieve the goal of enabling the world's top brands to create an amazing digital customer experience."

"This API release represents a significant opportunity for us to deliver customized and personalized community experiences for our clients," said Eric Ellis, senior interactive architect and manager at EMC Digital, in a statement. "Lithium's investment in the platform and in tools like LiQL has allowed us to more easily integrate community with other business systems used by our clients."

"As an analytics company, we were excited to test how effectively we could incorporate Lithium Community data from the Bulk Data API," said Jaime Perez, vice president of worldwide customer services at Microstrategy, in a statement. "It provides us, and potentially any Microstrategy customer, with more granular access to community data and a way to incorporate it in greater analytics systems to drive business insights."

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