• May 1, 2024

Iterable Adds Generative AI-Powered Journey Builder, Brand Affinity Reporting, WhatsApp Integration, and Smart Segmentation

Iterable, a customer engagement platform provider, has added several new capabilities, including Journey Assist, a generative artificial intelligence tool that enables users to build Journeys using natural language prompts; Brand Affinity Reporting for deeper customer sentiment insights; native WhatsApp integration; and enhanced Smart Segmentation.

"Today's marketers face immense pressure to deliver personalized, impactful experiences to global audiences with speed and efficiency, all while navigating an increasingly complex technology landscape," said Andrew Boni, CEO and co-founder of Iterable, in a statement. "The innovations in our 2024 Product Announcement directly address these pain points; with these new features, marketers can lift up to focus on higher value, more strategic pursuits to craft exceptional customer experiences that drive growth and create not just happy customers, but die-hard brand advocates. We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to announce and showcase these game-changing capabilities on stage at our Activate Summit, in front of the next generation of marketing leaders."

With Journey Assist, marketers can now leverage prompt-based AI to create custom-designed new journeys or enhance existing ones

The WhatsApp integration supplements Iterable's other channels, which already include SMS, embedded, and push, alongside foundational capabilities and traditional channels like email. Marketers can now engage with their customers across the globe using dynamic, personalized, automated messages enriched with images, videos, and interactive snippets within the Iterable platform. Marketers can send personalized messages based on customer preferences, support automated campaigns across the customer lifecycle, and enable interactive communications through quick-reply messages.

Smart Segmentation was built on Iterable's Data Engine and enables marketers to build instant audience segments by unifying and activating data. It offers real-time contextual insights that allow marketers to enhance their segments with additional attributes and event signals, and intelligent guardrails.

Brand Affinity Reporting empowers marketers with AI-powered insights to drive orchestration decisions, review Brand Affinity scoring and insights at the aggregate campaign level, uncovering the complex interplay between audience, content, and messaging.

Brand Affinity Reporting builds on Iterable's AI-powered Brand Affinity, which labels user sentiment at the individual level. With Explainable AI at the user level and reporting at the aggregate level, marketers can access actionable intelligence.

Earlier this year, Iterable introduced the new Ingest Toolkit, featuring Smart Ingest, an Iterable-native feature co-developed with Hightouch. Smart Ingest directly links leading cloud data platforms to Iterable so marketers can swiftly activate new data in experiments, enhance audience targeting, and deliver more personalized cross-channel communications from Iterable.

As part of this announcement, Iterable is unveiling 10 additional data sources for Smart Ingest, bringing the total to 14 data cloud providers.

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