• May 3, 2022

Integrate Launches Precision Social and Cross-Channel Insights

Integrate today launched Precision Social and cross-channel Insights in its Demand Acceleration Platform.

Precision Social helps users activate target account lists in social, rounding out Integrate's cross-channel activation offerings, which also includes Precision Syndication, Precision Digital, and Precision Events. Data from these solutions are funneled into a new cross-channel Insights experience in Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform, creating one centralized platform that brings together data from social, content syndication, digital ads, and in-person and virtual events.

Integrate's new capabilities include interactive insights dashboards, campaign creation and workflow tools, as well as new features for account-based marketing and target account list optimization

Additionally, Precision Social lets users activate LinkedIn ad campaigns and route leads generated by LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. It includes integrations with LinkedIn ads and Facebook Messenger and Lead Ads and allows B2B marketers to activate target account lists for social campaigns directly within the Demand Acceleration Platform, measure account-level performance, and enhance lead data by adding firmographic data and business emails sourced through Integrate data partnerships. Precision Social unifies reporting for LinkedIn ad campaigns with all other channels,

Precision Social includes the following capabilities:

  • Account targeting: Upload target account lists and prioritize the accounts using buyer intent data to drive Precision Social campaigns on LinkedIn.
  • Ad and campaign creation: A full service offering to create and launch LinkedIn ads to unify brand experience across digital and social channels.
  • Integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: Connect LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform to validate and route leads with field mapping to marketing automation and CRM systems.
  • Lead Enhance: Enhancement of leads records with firmographic data and business email.

"In today's B2B marketing, teams are faced with the challenge of creating personalized experiences for buyers in whatever channels that their buyers are exploring, making it critical for marketers to design campaigns with an omnichannel motion," said Jeremy Bloom, co-founder and CEO of Integrate, in a statement. "Integrate's platform is built for a cross-channel precision demand marketing approach by providing a single platform that makes it easier to activate, govern, and measure marketing campaigns across numerous channels, including social, digital advertising, in-person, and virtual events, and content syndication."

"We already use Integrate for our content syndication and display advertising, and the ability to activate social campaigns would be a game changer," said Anthony Mennie, marketing manager at LeadIQ, in a statement. "Having one central platform to activate, govern, and measure our cross-channel campaigns will make our marketing efforts more effective and scalable."

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