• March 24, 2021

Integrate Launches the Demand Acceleration Platform

Integrate, a provider of precision demand marketing, today launched the Demand Acceleration Platform (DAP) to centralize and connect the B2B buying experience.

Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform provides a scalable solution for driving omnichannel demand strategies, orchestrating intelligent buyer and account journeys, converting more leads and accounts to revenue, and demonstrating marketing return on investment.

"In today's buyer-driven world, it's no longer enough to implement traditional demand generation or single-channel account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. Today's new world calls for the next chapter of B2B marketing: precision demand marketing, a more precise, more connected, and more agile marketing strategy that meets buyers where they are and when they want," said Deb Wolf, chief marketing officer of Integrate, in a statement. "Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform enables marketers to put buyers and their processes at the center of everything they do and execute on a PDM approach that creates buyer trust, confidence, and engagement to accelerate predictable pipeline with precision."

With Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform, B2B marketers can implement personalized buyer experiences with cross-channel performance visibility. The platform provides an account-based, customizable, precision demand approach across all channels to centralize and connect their demand engine to do the following:

  • Identify and target the right buyers, accounts, and buying committees using intent data and data intelligence;
  • Configure and activate cross-channel demand campaigns to scale demand marketing programs and orchestrate personalized buyer and account experiences;
  • Connect to an integrated ecosystem of acceleration partners and APIs to amplify reach, boost pipeline generation, and increase conversion opportunities in real time with access to thousands of ready buyers;
  • Gain real-time visibility across all demand channels to understand and optimize program performance, refine account-based tactics, monitor budget, track ROI, and defend marketing spend; and
  • Standardize and validate incoming and outgoing data to increase lead conversion, rejecting unqualified leads while complying with global regulations to ensure all data is properly vetted and consent provided.

Integrate's DAP includes a built-in marketing ecosystem that provides B2B marketers with access to integrated technology and performance solutions. The DAP ecosystem unites hundreds of technology companies, data partners, service providers, and marketing agencies, ;thousands of events and trade shows, and a marketplace of more than 150 publishers.

Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform ecosystem includes a growing group of partners, including Bombora, Digital Pi, JustGlobal, LinkedIn, ON24, and Inverta.

"B2B marketing has shifted dramatically in the past years,?and we are on the cusp?of achieving the long-imagined vision of data, software, and digital media being cohesively intertwined and dynamic," said Charles Crnoevich, vice president of partnerships and business development at Bombora, in a statement. "It's never been more important to implement powerful, buyer-driven, account-based marketing initiatives, and we're excited to continue to partner with Integrate to drive precision in marketing programs."

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